Working Remotely As An Event Planner

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Working from home is a dream for some professionals, for others — not so much. There are those who can crank out hours of work while lounging in pajamas, and there are others who get completely distracted by even a whisper of television noise.

As the world continues to go mobile, there is plenty of opportunity to work remotely and it’s consistently increasing. Yay, for those who prefer it!

Who is a Remote Planner

A remote planner is someone who mostly likely…:

  1. Spent years in Corporate America and is sick of the political bull****.
  2. Doesn’t want to feel tied down to the commitment that comes with a full-time job.
  3. Can’t stand commutes and hates to drive long distances.
  4. Has children and needs flexible hours.
  5. Has the financial freedom to take a job here and there. (Jealous.)


Events happen every day in all fields of business, as well as in people’s personal lives. It’s very possible to plan any of these events from the comfort of your couch.

  1. Wedding: Think of how many occasions are associated with a wedding – showers, bachelor/bachelorette, engagement party.
  2. Bar Mitzvah: There is a TON of money in the world of Jewish birthday parties. Make yourself a Bar mitzvah expert and you’ll have clients banging down your door.
  3. Running / Sporting Events: Many sports marketing companies hold multiple running races a year. If you can get a remote job with them, it’ll be steady income.
  4. Small Businesses: Some businesses don’t have the funds to hire a full-time person, but are willing to hire a freelancer to plan an event.

Note: Any of these events could be thrown as a silent disco.

Resources Available

In the digital age, there are many platforms that provide remote employees with the means to stay connected. Thank you Google Hangouts and Google Docs, and praise you, Slack!

A little more on Slack:
Slack is a digital place where you can access messages, files, decisions, archived conversations, and key moments of your business. Oh, and it’s free!

A couple more resources:
Dropbox is an easy way to store files securely. The service is cloud based and synchronizes a company’s files so that everyone is looking at the latest version, no matter where they are based.

Basecamp is a web-based project management tool that allows teams to create to-do lists, manage milestones, message each other, share files, and track time.

Now that we’ve got you thinking, you might want to look into working remotely. We think it’s pretty neat.

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