Twitter to Livestream Electronic Music Awards

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Recently, Twitter announced it will live stream the first-ever Electronic Music Awards, taking place in the Downtown Arts Districts in Los Angeles on September 21…and we’re pumped. We’re definitely excited to have another award show to watch — and in such a futuristic way.

This comes as no surprise, as Twitter has been inking deals left and right to live stream events. In 2016, when Twitter decided to let Periscope go, the social media juggernaut made it more convenient for users to live stream directly in the app, and started investing heavily in the feature. Twitter now has deals to live stream red-carpet shows and other coverage from the ESPYS, San Diego Comic-Con, the Grammy Awards, the Billboard Music Awards, the Golden Globes, and more.

And just recently, Twitter inked a deal with Live Nation, the world’s largest concert promoter, to stream music concerts — again, giving fans more access while enriching our live music experience. Zac Brown Band was the first in May 2017, and Train and Portugal The Man, among others, will follow.

(Side note: Back in January, we wrote about live streaming. After you read about Twitter’s social media domination, check it out here.)

Good for Us

The media landscape is constantly evolving, and live streaming is just another a chance for media to deliver original content live and straight to the palm of your hand. Instead of being glued to the TV, entire awards shows can be watched from the convenience of a phone or tablet. What’s also cool is that companies are continuing to find ways to give the public more access to events and moments that seemed so unattainable in the past. Uh yeah, we’ll take a front row “seat” to a concert any day.

Good for Media

Live streaming also gives advertisers a chance to super creative and authentically reach their target audiences. While ads that run during the Electronic Music Awards will be in a format similar to a TV ad, there will be more original clips. Makes for more interesting TV – er, phone — watching, right?

How To Do It

As we mentioned, anyone can live stream from Twitter. And it’s really simple. We feel pretty silly spelling it out how do it, but hey — some of us need the guidance.

  1. Tap compose icon.
  2. Tap Live.
  3. Hit “Go LIVE”
  4. No more steps. That’s it.

So here’s to the future of “television” and bringing content to viewers. Now, go get streaming!

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