Coworking Spaces: Great for Event Planners

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Many event planners are freelancers who work from home. Not having to commute or be chained to a desk sounds enticing, but some have a hard time motivating and doing work from the comfort of their couch.

A simple solution is to join a coworking space. Most are affordable, and all are designed to promote productivity.

Check out some advantages to coworking and see some of our favorites!


1. Business Growth
Not that great at approaching strangers? Luckily, coworking spaces are filled with likeminded people who also want to grow their business. So, it makes starting a conversation a little less awkward. Also, spaces host events or dedicated times to network and socialize. This is a great way to find new clients!

2. Super Productive Atmosphere
At a coworking space, you don’t have the Today Show in the background, toddlers screaming your name, or temptations to reorganize your closet. Little distraction = getting more done!

3. Creativity Boost
In addition to socializing, many spaces host panels, classes, and guest speakers on how to run a business. They promote collaboration and inspire members to become better business people. Or, if you’re just looking to bounce ideas off people, you don’t need a dedicated event for that. Just ask someone!

4. Better Work Life Balance
You get all of the advantages of a desk job, but on your terms. There’s a commute, but you can leave the house at any time. And if you’ve got them, put those work clothes to use. Dressing the part increases productivity too.

Types of Co-Working Spaces

If you know anything about coworking spaces, you know WeWork. They are pioneers in the field, and have set the bar for casual working spaces for creative people who want to grow a business. It offers conference rooms, free refreshments, and special discounts from over 200 of its partners.

Impact Hub
With over 80 locations, Impact Hub shares the belief that the world evolves when collaborative individuals come together with a common purpose. What’s different about Impact Hub is that each location holds programs tailored to that city, and some offer free coworking days where non-members can test the model out.

The Wing
The Wing calls itself “home base” and a social club for women. This woman’s-only working space is in New York City (expanding to Brooklyn and Washington, D.C.) and has recently become the “it” space for women in business to work. The space has lockers, a beauty room, and events focused around encouraging professional development and socializing.

Soho House
If you’re looking for something more exclusive, Soho House is just that. It’s a private club for networking and entertaining purposes. The members-only organization is a global enterprise with locations in the top cities and comes with a hotel, pool, restaurants, and more.

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