Holiday Event Planning

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It’s that time of year when holiday parties take over every personal and work calendar! When companies reflect upon the year past and take the time to show appreciation for others. Whether you’re planning an intimate employee dinner or an end-of-the-year corporate bash, check out a few things we think are important to remember when holiday event planning.

Why do it?

Boost culture.
Whether you’re a new company trying to establish a company culture, or a large-scale brand attempting to improve upon existing culture, this is a great way to do it (for the exact two reasons below.)

Encourage socializing.
Not everyone feels comfortable approaching others in a working environment, so having a party will allow employees a chance to get to know each other on a personal level. (Hey, we bet a few friendships blossom out of this get together!)

Let people let loose.
Whether your office has a chill working atmosphere or a professional environment, everyone deserves a chance to let their hair down on the company’s dime. These people have put their blood, sweat, and tears into their jobs. It’s the least you can do.

Things to Consider When Planning

These elements are a must (or just a maybe) when planning a corporate get together.

  • A theme! — Don’t let your holiday party fall in line with the rest of them. Set your event apart from the events that are held throughout the year with a unique holiday theme. A few we like: casino royale, Santa’s workshop, ugly sweater.
  • Caterer, DJ, party rentals — Yes, we know these sound elementary to an event prof, but for this party, add some holiday flare. You could just make sure you’ve got the basics covered, or tie your holiday theme into every element.
  • A To-do list — This may not seem like a party element, but it most certainly is if you’re the planner. See our last post for to-do list pointers.
  • Awards — Show appreciation for your employees and recognize with them with funny awards. This will definitely lighten and loosen the mood. A few we like: rookie of the year, spirit award, MVP, unsung hero, noisiest typer, fashionista, office prankster.
  • Party Headphones rentals — Bet you never thought about this! Add some dancing to the mix with a silent disco, or play Christmas music videos throughout the venue and give attendees the option to listen in with Party Headphones.
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