How to Handle Event Mishaps

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May: A highly-anticipated month when the weather gets warmer and people venture outside to play. It’s also the month of rain, rain, rain. (Go away!)

During the month of May, you may find yourself planning events outdoors for clients who are eager to take advantage of the feels we feel when the weather lightens up. What clients don’t realize is that they are risking inclement weather screwing up their event.

Today, we’ll talk about some common event mishaps and how to handle them.


Following our May talk above, always, always, always have a Plan B option for unforeseen weather shifts when planning an outdoor event. This includes a back-up venue, prepared statements and communication to guests, and a new plan for set up. It’ll save you some sleep and hours of stalking and refreshing your weather app leading up to the event.


Ever find last-minute expenses pile on mere days before your event and even during set up the day of? Set aside a contingency or an “I forgot that” budget line that has funds saved for unexpected costs that you can’t avoid. If a client doesn’t have a budget for that, make sure you have it in writing that unforeseen costs may occur and that you will not be responsible for the surprise costs outside of the budget.

Hiring Entertainment

Hiring live talent can be costly. When speaking to a talent’s representative, make sure you receive all fees up front. The “talent fee” usually includes a lot more than just the fee for the entertainment to show up. Other expenses could include travel and accommodations, equipment, and A/V.


Depending on the type of event, you might need security. Most planners think “nothing crazy will ever happen at my event”. But it’s very, very possible a fight could break out, an injury could occur, or a fire could ignite. (Not a joke! This has happened.) Security can serve as protection or an extra set of hands should something outrageous happen.


People taking interest in your event can be exciting or it can cause some serious anxiety. Sometimes there is too much interest in your event and the RSVPS received are more than your venue can handle. Assign a team member specifically to invites, meet daily on RSVP updates, plan communication on closing the guests list, and work with the venue on overflow accommodations.

Final thoughts: Always have a back-up plan and don’t overlook the details.

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