4 Fun Ways To Celebrate 4th July With Family!

july 4th with family

4th July is fast approaching! Which means it’s time to lock in your festive plans with friends and family! From lighting the sky up with fireworks to grilling, chilling and refilling, we’ve got you covered with our 4 fun ways to celebrate America’s birthday! BBQ Silent Disco  Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? There’s nothing […]

Why Silent Disco Headphones Are Popular in the Film Industry

Dave Burd presenting

Silent discos have been making noise around the world for some time now. From their origins in England at the Glastonbury Festival to the many silent disco clubs around America, silent events are gaining popularity. Today, silent discos are even making noise in the film industry. Whether in a Netflix original or everyday cable shows, […]

Choosing the Right Wireless Headphones for Your Silent Party

girl with balloons and headphones

So, you’re planning a silent disco. Silent discos are always an incredible way to have fun and share experiences while keeping the noise level to a minimum. Not to mention, if any of your party-goers want to take a break and chat a while, all they need to do is remove their headsets. Speaking of […]

Why Your Next Church Event Should Be a Silent Event

girl having fun at concert

If your church participates in larger events, you’ve likely dealt with the numerous challenges accompanying a large-scale event. A Christian convention is one of the most popular church events that usually encompass several churches from various areas. A Christian convention is a gathering of people from different churches, or no church, for worship, preaching, teaching, […]

Apple TV+’s WeCrashed works with Party Headphones to produce Silent Disco

Party Headphones WeCrashed Silent Disco

Local Tucson company shines bright in the first TV series produced by Apple TV+.  Created by Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crivello, WeCrashed is an eight-episode illustration of the rise and fall of WeWork’s CEO, Adam Neumann. Billed as an innovative co-working startup, Adam Neumann’s vision included real estate dominance and employee manipulation.  Fantasizing about world […]

Silent Disco Events in Every Corner of the United States

In our last “Every Corner of the United States” post, we wrote about ways that Americans celebrate in various corners of the country. Towns, regions, and areas celebrate in so many unique ways that our last post didn’t do it justice. Behold Part Deux! Here are some more ways that different areas of the country […]

5 Reasons to Throw a Silent Disco at College

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Silent disco parties aren’t just for corporate events, yoga retreats, and wedding receptions. They’re for college parties, too. In fact, a silent disco is an off-beat celebration perfect for college students. Here’s why we think they’re great. Bring people together. A party or an event brings people, right? Of course. But a silent disco, like, […]

Silent Disco and College: They Just Go Together

a group of people dancing

Orientation is over. School is well into football season. Midterms have just ended. The palpable energy college students feel at the beginning of the school year is starting to fade, so maybe it’s time to switch things up. Throw the loudest party you’ve never heard. A silent disco party. If you’re looking to hold an […]