Organizing the Perfect Welcome Week Silent Disco: Tips and Tricks

Silent Disco Welcome Week GCU

Welcome Week is a time of excitement and anticipation for incoming college and university students. To create a memorable and inclusive event that sets the tone for the entire academic year, consider hosting a Silent Disco! These unique and engaging dance parties have gained popularity on campuses across the US, providing a fantastic opportunity for […]

Photo Booth Event- Happiness Overloaded At College & University Parties

Take special memories and moments with the fun and creative Photo Booth event at College and University ! Add on fun and excitement to your event with an affordable and cheap Photo Booth. Everyone likes to take the photo that captures the memories of enjoyment and joy of the event.  Photo Booths are all over […]

5 Reasons to Throw a Silent Disco for University Welcome Week

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A Silent Disco is the perfect icebreaker for a University Orientation Week. When everyone is wearing headphones, it’s easy to start up a conversation with the person next to you. You can share your favorite songs with each other, or just chat about what you’re up to. It’s a great way to make new friends […]

5 Reasons to Throw a Silent Disco at College

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Silent disco parties aren’t just for corporate events, yoga retreats, and wedding receptions. They’re for college parties, too. In fact, a silent disco is an off-beat celebration perfect for college students. Here’s why we think they’re great. Bring people together. A party or an event brings people, right? Of course. But a silent disco, like, […]

Silent Disco and College: They Just Go Together

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Orientation is over. School is well into football season. Midterms have just ended. The palpable energy college students feel at the beginning of the school year is starting to fade, so maybe it’s time to switch things up. Throw the loudest party you’ve never heard. A silent disco party. If you’re looking to hold an […]