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Everything you need to know about throwing your own silent disco from the experts at Party Headphones.

Realistic Rental Ideas for Events

Previously, we wrote about extravagant rental ideas for events. You know, the over-the-top, once-in-a-lifetime kind of rentals that make or break your career, or just life in general. After a week of dreaming about renting the White House and planning birthday parties on the French Riviera, we came to our senses and thought it’d be […]

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Extravagant Rental Ideas for Events

So, you’ve got an event to plan. Once you have your client contract, strategy, approvals, and budget in place, it’s time to start working with vendors for rentals. In planning, you start with your bare-bones list that every event requires: venue, A/V, music, food, and beverage. And if you happen to have significant funds left […]

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Silent Disco Events in Every Corner of the United States

At any given moment, there are events, parties, and celebrations happening all over our great country: sales meetings, corporate events, yoga retreats, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, you name it. Silent discos fit events of all shapes and sizes, whether they’re held in the mountains of the Northeast, in the deep South, or on the left coast […]

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Why You Should Have An Instagram Wall At Your Next Silent Disco

What is an Instagram wall? It’s a photo-friendly wall that provides a creative, eye-catching backdrop for people to take photos and post on social media. And it’s quickly becoming an event-planning best practice. A note before we actually begin: These fancy “walls” could really be called a social media wall, but since Instagram is so […]

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Tips on Staying Productive When Working from Home

These days, many event planners have the liberty to either work remotely or freelance from home. These work-from-homers are split down the middle as either being really good at it or not at all. You’ve got the person who gets distracted easily from the television and household chores seem to take over the day. And […]

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Movies Perfect for A Silent Disco Screening

A silent disco can be incorporated into all kinds of events: yoga classes, wedding receptions, fundraisers, college parties, even corporate sales meetings. It’s the type of amazingly fun, silly, awkward but not awkward thing that brings people together in a way that no other event can. Whether your landing in Warrior I with fellow yogis […]

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5 Reasons to Throw a Silent Disco At a Launch Party

These days, launch parties are pretty competitive. It seems that brands need to top the other in which can throw the most creative and innovative event. Think about it: the more creative the launch, the more the consumer will remember it… and hopefully, tell their friends. Makes sense. Every occasion presents an opportunity for innovation […]

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The Perfect Team-Building Activities

Feeling like your team or company is hitting a slump? Need to boost morale among employees? Or are you just that fun boss who offers activities outside the office as a way of bonding? Team building activities have proven to be beneficial, and even critical, for the success of a company. When bonds are formed […]

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