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Everything you need to know about throwing your own silent disco from the experts at Party Headphones.

Simple Ideas to Refresh Your Events

As event professionals, we all strive to achieve infinitely creative brains chock full of outside-the-box ideas every single time we plan an event. If that doesn’t take much effort for you, you’re a genius. But for the rest of us, it can get pretty tiring. For some, we try an event strategy that works and […]

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A Must Know: Whitney Wolfe Herd & Bumble Bizz

We might be stating the obvious here, but it is a great time to be a woman in business. Trailblazing women are being recognized for their accomplishments and are paving the way for other women to follow suit. One of those trailblazers is tech-sensation Whitney Wolfe Herd. WHO IS WHITNEY Whitney Wolfe Herd founded Bumble […]

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Places to Unplug

In an age where all things digital rule out lives… We. Are. Obsessed. We’re the guilty ones who wear our phones as an extension of our hand. We find ourselves constantly plugged into a smart device at all times. Our phone is the first thing we look at when we wake up and the last […]

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Super Bowl LII: About The Events

For the attention-seeking, brand-launching, money-spending companies who are looking generate legit buzz, Super Bowl Sunday is the ticket (pun intended) to getting insane amounts of exposure. Corporate sponsors, advertisers, and companies who are seeking that invaluable, palpable buzz descend upon Super Bowl’s designated city each year to entertain, throw events, and of course…watch the Super […]

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Apps Make Life Easier

Isn’t it crazy that most event profs can barely remember writing notes on paper, using marker on a white board to create a to-do list, or crossing names off a guest list. In recent years, the event industry has propelled drastically and technology is now king. One thing that has made the lives of event […]

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How to Manage an Event Budget

Planners have a lot to juggle when it comes to planning, organizing, and producing an event. This includes handling and managing vendors, timelines, bosses, caterers, production teams, and last but not least, the all-important BUDGET. You have to create one, then estimate your costs, and gasp — stay within the numbers. It might seem intimidating […]

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Event Planners: The Ultimate Problem Solver

Event planning and problem solving go hand in hand. They have to. Why? Because once a vision is set for an event, things happen that get in the way of that vision. Simple as that. And it happens almost every time. Deadlines are missed, pushing back other deadlines Unforeseen things happen like weather, late deliveries, […]

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The Pop-Ups We Saw in December

Holiday shopping is always stressful. (Quite frankly, we’re glad it’s over.) Luckily for us shoppers, brands get more and more creative each year in how they deliver a shopping experience to consumers. For example, this year saw an increasing amount of immersive pop-up shops and seasonal artisan markets. Pop-up shops that offer limited-edition collections and […]

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