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Everything you need to know about throwing your own silent disco from the experts at Party Headphones.

5 Reasons to Throw a Silent Disco At a Launch Party

These days, launch parties are pretty competitive. It seems that brands need to top the other in which can throw the most creative and innovative event. Think about it: the more creative the launch, the more the consumer will remember it… and hopefully, tell their friends. Makes sense. Every occasion presents an opportunity for innovation […]

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The Perfect Team-Building Activities

Feeling like your team or company is hitting a slump? Need to boost morale among employees? Or are you just that fun boss who offers activities outside the office as a way of bonding? Team building activities have proven to be beneficial, and even critical, for the success of a company. When bonds are formed […]

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5 Ice Breaker Ideas at a Sales Meeting

Fact: Companies hold too many meetings. But for many companies, annual sales or marketing meetings are crucial to the success of their business. Reps from all over the country, and sometimes globe, are briefed on new products and given access to meet with the corporate team, teams go over numbers, and employees set goals and […]

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5 Reasons to Throw a Silent Disco at College

Silent disco parties aren’t just for corporate events, yoga retreats, and wedding receptions. They’re for college parties, too. In fact, a silent disco is an off-beat celebration perfect for college students. Here’s why we think they’re great. Bring people together. A party or an event brings people, right? Of course. But a silent disco, like, […]

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Planning A Wedding: Beautiful Wedding Destinations

Congrats, you’re engaged! Now what? Time to plan, plan, plan. With wedding planning comes lots of meetings, decisions, judgements from parents and in-laws. There’s the church, the wedding party, the transportation, and the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be great if you could forget all the logistics and chill by the beach (toes in the […]

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6 Tips for Running a Corporate Silent Disco Event

Tired of boring corporate events that have people picking their noses (kidding), rolling their eyes, and talking to fellow department colleagues. If you’re looking to break the ice and corporate barriers and bring some excitement to the table, thinking outside the box is a must for corporate events. So many times, we plan the same […]

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Event Etiquette: Tips on Being A Great Attendee

In business, wherever you go, how you conduct yourself is a reflection on both you and your company — whether large and corporate or small and your own. An out-in-the-open, casual conversation with a close coworker bears the same amount of weight as a presentation to executives. So, when it comes to attending networking and […]

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Summer-Themed Event Ideas

Well-known fact: When the weather warms, therein lies an upswing in parties and events. The desire to hibernate fades, and people are more than willing to clear their schedules for dancing, socializing, and mingling — lots of it. Sometimes it’s under the stars, sometimes it’s in a bar. It really doesn’t matter. Summer = Party […]

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Events Used As A Public Forum

Celebrity events and awards shows are typically used to celebrate a moment in time, recognize and honor talent, or promote a product or cause. Months and months of planning goes into creating the messaging around an event, and teams strategize about who says what and when. There are talking points, scripts, and mock Q&As created […]

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