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  • Pros and Cons of Two & Three Channel Headphones

    With all the different silent disco headphone models out there in the world today choosing the right model can get difficult. Here we share our experience and our expertise about the pros and cons of 2 & 3 channel headphone models. Two Channel Headphone Pros: Compact with foldable design allows for you to store 4 times as many compared to the bigger, bulkier models Sleek silver professional look, better for those events that aren’t silent disco Two channels helps to alleviate an additional logistical step Females (or males) do not need to take off their dangly earrings On the ear allows for less bulkiness and less sweat Better for high frequency audio Rechargable battery allows for approximately 8 hours of battery life. Cons: If there is other area noise (another stage) the on the ear headphone may not block out all surrounding noise The LED indicator lights are small and not easy to identify   Three channel over the ear headphones Pros: Better for low frequency audio (more bass) Three channels allows for another option when it comes

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  • “Hear” About NYC’s Noise Complaints (Infographic)

    Noise complaints in NYC have increased by 56% since 2011, a sign of increasing loudness due to loud music and parties. For the police, more time dealing with noise complaints means less time keeping our cities safe from crime. Luckily, Party Headphones offers a solution that can help decrease complaints due to loud music and parties.

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  • I declare “Headphone Courage” a real thing.

    Pass by any silent disco and you'll notice some rather strange behavior: people are dancing wildly, smiling, and socializing--seemingly devoid of inhibitions. But there is no apparent music, and the silence in the room is only punctuated by the sounds of tapping feet, metronomic claps, and a cappella excerpts of familiar pop hits. If you don’t know what a silent disco is, don’t fret! You can come out from under your rock and learn more in our What is Silent Disco post. Envision it.  Participants are dancing passionately, truly living up to the old saying “dance like no one’s watching”. Guests are watching, living, breathing, absorbing a newly discovered psychological phenomenon. This friends, is known as “Headphone Courage”. I want to scream it from every mountain top.  I declare “Headphone Courage” a real thing. Headphone Courage is similar to Liquid Courage in a sense (Urban dictionary definition: Used when explaining alcohol as a catalyst for bravery, particularly in a party or public setting.) Here now,

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  • What is silent disco?

    What is silent disco?   Silent disco is an unique and engaging music experience.  It allows participants to hear audio in a more personalized setting. Instead of the traditional loudspeaker/PA system in a live music setting, all guests wear a pair of speciality RF wireless headphones.  These headphones are synced to a transmitter.  The transmitter can work with any thing with audio output (laptop, smart phone, DJ mixing board, mixer, etc.). Check out how simple it is to set up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVNv9mUajeo Just plug in the audio source of your choice, press play, and you're ready for one unforgettable event.  We've helped with parties from 10 to 1000 so nothing is out of the question. Download the Ultimate Guide to Silent Disco to learn more!

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  • Successful College Event: How They Did It

    Find out how a student silent party was brought to fruition. It started with an idea. A spark that was reignited while one of our student leaders reflected on her time spent at Bonnaroo the summer before: "Can our student group hold a successful campus silent disco?”. Her peers were excited about the potential and the questions started flying about how the they could pull off a successful college silent disco event.  A silent disco is a unique event rather than the traditional loudspeaker PA system guests are given wireless headphones making for a more engaging event. For any event to be successful, people need to show up!  To get more people out and about to attend their event the EA hit the streets and took up some traditional college marketing strategies. After appropriately naming their event the “Silent Eco-Disco” the EA hit the streets to get the word out.  In response to their efforts, the Social Events Chair said: “As for marketing, we hung flyers around campus and some

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  • The Complete Silent Disco Check List

    Planning events is hard work. Arrangements are constantly changing. Things fall through the cracks. And we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen with your silent disco event. Pre-Event Checklist - Day Before [ ] Turn and check the silent disco transmitter. Check one of the headphones in your venue to ensure no frequency issues on either channels. [ ] Create an event logistics in attempt to minimize headphone loss (we recommend one entrance & one exit so that when guests are entering they are given a headphones and as they leave they are to hand it back) [ ] Ensure that you have the proper cords for your audio source Pre-Event Checklist - Hours Before [ ] Set up Party Headphones cards to give easy instructions on how to operate headphones [ ] Lay out Party Headphones glow in the dark bands to give your guests a souvenir [ ] Turn on all headphones for easy distribution [ ] If collecting ID's as a deposit for headphones ensure to have

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  • 4 College Silent Disco Successes

    Silent disco is no longer for just silent raves. Student groups and event organizers on college campuses use silent disco as a tool to bring an engaging and interactive environment to their students.  A college campus silent disco can be used for all sorts of different purposes. Not only does this become a memorable event that will be talked about on campus for weeks, but it allows for directors to support events in many places that a standard event would not permit.  Here are some examples of the events that are held on college campuses across the nation. Orientation Events At the beginning of every fall semester Cornell University throws an 800 person silent disco on the Arts Quad to give new students a late night orientation activity close to home (or dorm!). Silent disco in this case gives the opportunity for new students to hold a conversation and then break the ice with new friends when they put the headphones on to enter

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  • 3 Tips to Market Your Silent Disco

    With the right guidance, marketing for your Silent Disco can be really easy. Listen up! The most common question that we hear at Party Headphones is “How do I market a silent disco?” Whether you are a production company marketing to potential clients, a college event director trying to spread the word about an upcoming student silent disco event, or just a regular joe inviting your friends to your event, the underlying marketing message can remain the same. Identify your target audience and put your efforts towards what you believe will speak to them. The best way to find out which tactic is best for you (if not a combination of them) is by talking to them directly. We will identify some of the most common and successful silent disco marketing tips. We hope that our experience can help get your prospects just as excited as you are. Simultaneous Audio Channels Double up on the music. One of the biggest differences of a silent

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  • Silent Disco System Set Up: Quick & Easy

    Silent Disco Equipment Set up The Party Headphones silent disco system has a scary simple set up. Within minutes you can completely set up your system and get back to your party. Connect anything with audio output such as computers, smart phones, DJ mixing boards, karaoke systems, wireless mic set ups and much more.

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  • Silent Disco in Asia: 10 Countries Where You Can Find it

    Silent disco is an experience taking over parties and music festivals across the world.  One can always find a silent disco happening somewhere in Europe, Australia, and the US, but if you want to go to an event like this in Asia, here is a list of ten countries where, with a bit of luck, it is possible to find an awesome silent disco event to attend. Thailand Thailand recently hosted its first annual international pop music festival at the Impact arena in Bangkok, “Sonic Bang” featuring 30 international artists performing various sets of music. To make the event memorable, Sonic Bang added unique highlights like a day spa and a silent disco. This event intended to give people the best music experience with enough excitement and individual personality to generate buzz – at which it succeeded, thanks in no small part to the addition of silent disco.  Japan One of Japan’s summer music festivals, “Summer Sonic” – which takes place in the cities of

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