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Everything you need to know about throwing your own silent disco from the experts at Party Headphones.

Planning Events Outside + Outdoor Events We Heart

Indications that summer is here. The successful emergence from sweater weather Temperatures are on the rise Longer days commence (yay!) Once you’ve checked these three boxes, it’s time to get outside! So hey, if fun generally exists alfresco in the summertime, why not plan all of your events outside? You might think outdoors events are […]

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I’ll Throw My Party Where I Want!

Event venues come in all shapes and sizes —literally. Planners have the opportunity to rent oddly shaped hexagonal and standard square rooms, teeny-tiny 200, or massive 3,500 square foot spaces. Some venues are super easy to handle and others are more difficult. It all depends on what kind of event you’re throwing and all of […]

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A Party in Your Ears : All Sorts of Silent Disco

If you’ve landed yourself here, you’re curious about what a silent disco is! This amazing digital party headphone phenomenon, which was once a trend, has decided to stick around. And we’re happy about that. People everywhere are joining in on the craze and finding new ways to incorporate the silent disco concept into events of […]

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Working Remotely As An Event Planner

Working from home is a dream for some professionals, for others — not so much. There are those who can crank out hours of work while lounging in pajamas, and there are others who get completely distracted by even a whisper of television noise. As the world continues to go mobile, there is plenty of […]

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Social Media Is a Must for Event Planners

We shouldn’t have to say it, because we know any rock star event planner knows it already. But we will anyway. It’s imperative in this digital age that event professionals utilize social media platforms to promote and gain awareness for an event. Especially if you are marketing to millennials! That includes anyone between 18 – […]

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Books Every Event Planner Should Read

Ah, “books”. A pastime to some, a treasure to others. Whether you’re a tablet reader or love the smell and feel of paper in your hands, we’ve got some awesome romantic beach reads…just kidding. We’ve picked out some killer, self-motivating books to help advance the careers of event planners. The books on our list offer […]

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Join us on the Podcast Wagon!

The amount of news resources that are available to us today is truly astounding! Let’s think of where can we get our information – social media, digital, print, and television media outlets, the library (snuck that in there – it’s still a source of information, people!). Brands are even getting in on information sharing with […]

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SXSW Takes Us On a Virtual Reality Ride

For the first time since the 1990s, virtual reality is making its way back to the masses with more affordable and consumer-friendly apparatuses. This year, attendees at South by Southwest Conference were hit with the VR bug in a big way. It was by far and away the most buzzed-about topic and IT. WAS. EVERYWHERE. […]

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Reasons to Throw a Silent Disco

A while back, we told you about the history and purpose of a silent disco. So, now that you’ve had a few months to let that wondrous information sink in, it’s time we let you in on when and where you should throw this so-called “rave in your ears”. To refresh your memory, a silent […]

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