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Everything you need to know about throwing your own silent disco from the experts at Party Headphones.

An Event Planner’s Guide to Eventbrite

What event do you need to plan in the next couple of months? Is it a bar crawl where you booze in your onesie (they do exist)? Is it a Gilmore Girls trivia night? Is it a speed dating, networking or charity event? All of these events require guest attendance, and you most likely need […]

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The Future is Female: The Coolest Women DJs

There is no better time than right now to be a woman! Feminism and “women supporting women” are at all-time high, and more women are flaunting their intelligent chops across all industries. For example, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is among only four female justices appointed on the Supreme Court. Tavi Gevinson is making waves as a […]

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Our Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Notes

We’re willing to make a bet that a few years ago not many of you would have heard of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With society continuing to become more “connected” and digital product-obsessed, we bet the anticipated tradeshow was on many of your radars this year. Media of all types covered […]

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Event Planning Associations You Should Join

Event planners plan gatherings of all shapes and sizes. Team building retreats, product unveilings, weddings, concerts, charity fundraisers, and political rallies are just a few of the events that depend on planners to make seamless and perfect. Planners are part of a breed that use their own language to create flawless functions that guests can […]

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Five Event Mistakes That Might Cause Disaster

Planning an event can be easy or it can be stressful.PLAN is the key word of the above sentence. Proper preparation, as well as the anticipation and thwarting of challenges and obstacles, are two skills of a great event planner. But…nobody is perfect, and event elements can be forgotten or fall by the wayside amidst […]

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Let’s Meet Elsewhere : Best Warm Places to Hold a Meeting

The redundancy of a 9-5 job can really take a toll on one’s well being! Wake. Shower. Commute. Sit at a desk. Hold Meetings. Commute. Dinner. Sleep. REPEAT!In order to increase productivity in the workplace, there are plenty of ways managers can change things up in order to excite their employees. One suggestion from the […]

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…And the Award Goes To!

Award show season is upon us and we all know it’s never any fun to watch an award show alone. It’s a wonderful time of year to gather friends to watch the star-studded events. With whom are you going to judge the fashion, scream out your predictions, or laugh about the awkward moments and long […]

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Truly Legendary NYC Club DJs

It seems that everyone is a self-proclaimed DJ these days. All you really need is access to an iPhone and a Spotify playlist, and voila… you’re a DJ.Well believe it or not, there once was a day when DJs brought their records to the club to spin. Can you imagine?! The act of DJing took […]

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