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You Should Consider a Silent Disco Wedding

Most days, months or years leading up to a wedding can include any or all of the following…an engagement, months of planning, hours upon hours of dealing with vendors, engagement parties, guest list fights, multiple bridal showers, looks of judgment from parents and in-laws, etc., etc., etc.

By the time the reception rolls around, there is a need to let go of all of the stress endured over the past months and have fun with loved ones. A large part of that fun includes getting down and dirty on the dance floor.

So, why not throw guests for a loop and bring an unexpected element that will guarantee your soiree as the “wedding of the century”.

A Silent Disco Wedding

A silent disco wedding occurs when guests gather and dance at the reception to music played on wireless headphones. It’s your very own silent rave… at your wedding!

Your silent disco wedding can be used as:

  • Your entire dance experience
  • A fun activity to add in the middle of the reception
  • A unique take on a last dance to send guests out with a bang

The groom in this video had this to say:

“The headphones were an absolute, unquestionable hit. The wedding was so great and they were the thing that brought it over the top. I had everyone coming up to me and telling me (after they removed one earphone of course) that this was “the coolest thing ever.”

Here is all you need to pull off a silent disco. Let us be heard (pun intended) that this will probably be the easiest part of your wedding planning.

  • A bunch of party headphones (can be rented or bought!)
  • Excited wedding guests
  • A transmitter
  • A venue (already got one!)
  • An iPod or a DJ to spin tunes

Piece of advice for brides and grooms: bring as many friends as you can to the dance floor to join in the fun. It’s super entertaining to take off your headphones while the crowd is “silent discoing” to hear everyone sing along. You can identify which friends should take their singing talents to The Voice or which friends you should never invite to a karaoke party.

Piece of advice for wedding guests: make sure you participate in this wondrous activity so you can get in the wedding video. You know anything this epic is going to be part of the highlight reel!

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