Student Scholarship

2023 Party Headphones Business-Forward Student Scholarship (Apply Below)


We are proud to launch our first annual Party Headphones scholarship for a business-forward student!

Here at Party Headphones, we want to celebrate students who push the bounds of their studies! As an event-tech company focused on Silent Disco Rentals, we are seeking students who can demonstrate an interest in one or more of the following industries:
1. Business Development
2. Digital Marketing
3. Consumer Product Design
4. Sound Engineering
5. Entertainment Technology
6. Marketing or Automation


The Party Headphones scholarship provides an annual reward of $500 to be allocated to tuition, computers, books, room, and board, or any other educational-related expense. This award is granted to a single student, once per year. Award will be mailed as a check or sent as a bank transfer at the discretion of Party Headphones, originating from Party Headphones, LLC. If the University listed on student’s application requires payment to be made directly to the University, Party Headphones will follow instructions originating from that University to meet their scholarship distribution requirements. 

Who should apply:

This scholarship is open to both undergraduate, and graduate students who are enrolled full time, or will be, at the time the scholarship is awarded, at any accredited university within the United States. This includes High School Seniors who have been accepted into a University program for the upcoming fall semester.

How to apply:

Fill out the complete scholarship application at the bottom of this page.


Applications are open between January 1st through August 1st, with the scholarship given for the same year it is awarded.

1. Applicants may apply only once per year, but may apply for multiple years if they do not win the award. If awarded, applicant may not apply again for an additional award. Applicants will be judged based on the background information they supply in their application.

2. Applicants GPA must be above 2.50.

3. Applications are due at 11:59PM on August 1st of each year, and awarded on or before September 6th of the same year. Awardee will be notified by email and/or a phone call.
4. Partial applications will not be accepted.

2023 Party Headphones Scholarship Application

Tell us about your background and interest in one or more of the following: 1. Business Development 2. Digital Marketing 3. Consumer Product Design 4. Sound Engineering 5. Entertainment Technology
Expand on how this relates to our interest categories.
Have you experienced particular challenges or overcome substantial obstacles? Do you hold a strong personal excitement about one of our subject areas, or have other relevant items you would like to share?


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