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Let's start at the beginning..

Party Headphones was founded in 2012 with the idea to bring the technology behind Silent Disco equipment into the hands of millions across the US. Since our founding, we have grown our impact, and our offerings, developed a company culture and brought impeccable service to millions of ears.

We started with Silent Disco Headphones focused on the party scene way back in 2012. Over the years those use cases have evolved across industries ranging from religious prayer, interactive experiences, corporate presentations, fundraisers, drive ins, and so many other instances. Our headsets have evolved through three generations, and the technology has improved drastically.

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But first, lemme take a selfie!

We Like to Party

The Party Headphones team is made up of a band of misfits and professionals who have one common goal: To help YOU create the ultimate party-going experience. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and love having fun! Our favorite thing ever? Reading what our clients have to say after working with us. We all high-five when a client says great things!



Alec likes to party.


Fufilllment Coordinator
Dotting I's and crossing T's


Sales and Marketing Manager
The glue that holds it all together


Fulfilment Associate
"How many headphones today???"


Fulfillment Lead
Level 10 in sorting.


Customer Experience Agent
Making calls and taking names (to call back)


Customer Experience Agent
"How may I help you?"


Fulfillment Associate
Turning online orders into happy customers


VP Of Wellness And Recreation
World's Chillest Dog™

bringing the party to you since 2012

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1.8 Million

Headphones Rented

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Headphones Sold

Our Impact

Our equipment has been used at over 200,000 events, and nearly 30,000 direct rentals from our company. We have sold over 40,000 headsets and rented nearly 2 million headphones. We have grown an amazing team, and an incredible culture focused around impeccable service to our clients. We have launched our own small student scholarship fund, developed curriculums to help colleges, schools, churches, summer camps, corporate events, hearing impaired groups, and so many others. We are incredibly proud to have a positive impact in the world, and bring joy to so many around the globe.

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Company Ethos

We pride ourselves on service first. Every event matters regardless if it is 10 headphones for a child’s small birthday party, or 10,000 for a massive corporate event. Our company focuses on service being the cornerstone of our operations. We over-communicate, make ourselves available 24/7 for support, and take even minor challenges to heart. This has resulted in our amazing reputation, impact, and wonderful team behind the entire project.

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