Silent Experiences

Silent Experiences are so much more than just a Silent Disco! Check out our curated experiences below, which include everything you need to host an awesome silent event.

Corporate Events

Show your team the appreciation they deserve with a Silent Disco Party!​

Live Drive-In Experiences

Turn any empty lot into a stage with our drive-in performance package.

Backyard Movie Nights

Watch your favorite movies on the big screen in style without disturbing your neighbors!

Music Colleges & Universities

Create a more intimate listening experience for your next live talent showcase!

Silent Disco at Festivals

Music festivals thrive on variety! Add another music experience into the mix by offering a silent disco stage to combat noise curfews!

Silent Disco Wedding Receptions

Pleasing all of your wedding guests can be a real challenge! Our silent disco headphones give guests a choice of what music they want to hear

Church Services & Events

Bring an exciting and dynamic experience to your services, bible study events and church conferences!

Summer & Church Camps

Create memorable and unique activities from guided religious introspection to fun team-building activities!

Silent Discos For People With SEN & Autism

Make your next event more accessible by giving guests control of their own sensory experience.

Live Virtual DJ

Our DJs will mix and master tracks with you and your friends live, while you jam out, rock on, and dance to your heart’s content.


Host a modern conference of any size in virtually any space. Private "off-stage" huddles, multiple stages in the same room, and more.

College & University

From orientation to graduation, give your students something to get excited about!​

Charity Gala

Create an exciting gala or event to engage with donors and help reach your charitable goals!

Guided Tours

Crystal clear hearing, even in the back of the group. Use anywhere with our guided tour headphones system. No shouting required.

Yoga & Fitness

Find your focus with less distractions. Stream relaxing music and communicate with ease to any size class.​

Listening Party

Launch a new album or single in a private and exclusive setting with our headphones.

Bar Crawl

Jam out to your favorite music and easily communicate with your group from bar to bar.

Museums & Galleries

Create an immersive audio experience at your museum or gallery that will keep visitors coming back for more.