Silent Disco at Festivals

Music festivals thrive on variety! Add another music experience into the mix by offering a silent disco festival stage.


If your license depends on a noise curfew, but you want to keep the party going late into the night, silent discos are the perfect remedy for folks who want to switch it up, or a quiet option for night owls that want to keep on partying after live shows are done. You can also use our wireless headphones for creating an outdoor cinema set-up, for those who prefer a more chilled after-party.
Satisfy everyone’s music tastes with three available audio channels that festival-goers can switch between as they please. Our headphones also work at high-range, which makes sure fans never have to miss a beat of their favorite artists, even if they have to pop to the bar! Plus you can create an awesome light show in the dark with LED headphone light control keypads!
Huge range (up to 1500’ - 5 football fields in length)
Individual volume control for everyone.
Easy setup. Minimal cables and no speakers needed.
Multiple transmitters allow for up to 3 channels to be broadcasted at once.
LED lighted headphones create an awesome light show, take it up a notch with our LED control keypads.
Works anywhere! Outdoor festivals of virtually all sizes and any number of guests!

Additional Silent Experiences

Live Virtual DJ

Ready to elevate your remote team building experience? Give your team a way to celebrate from the comfort of their own home! You bring the team, we'll bring the party.

Listening Party

Launch a new album or single in a private and exclusive setting with our silent party headphones.

Backyard Movie Nights

Watch your favorite movies on the big screen from the comfort of your own backyard -without disturbing your neighbors!

Silent Disco at Festivals FAQ

You’ll need a few things to host a silent disco stage at a festival. 

  1. Music! A live DJ (Up to 3 at one time) or a live artist.
  2. Enough Party Headphones for each of your expected guests.
  3. A mixing desk to plug your Party Headphones transmitter into the master output channel. Transmitters are included with every rental. You may wish to order more if you want to have more than one DJ playing at one time.

As many as you want! There is no technical limit and our record so far is just over 3k.

Normal range is up to 1500 feet. In a building where there is more interference, range won't be quite as long, but it should be more than adequate for nearly any conference-style setup.

Yes you can! Be sure to let us know on your quote form if you are looking for multi-day rental and we will throw in some chargers so your headphones are fueled for another day of fun!

Just a couple of planned logistics will ensure that your equipment is safely enjoyed and returned in the same working condition. 

  1. Have clear signage and clear entrance and exits.
  2. Staff with personnel to check-in/check-out headphones
  3. Have a way to collect headphones after the show eg. a bin or a designated table 

Our headphones batteries last 10-12 hours when used at full volume. Headphones take 2.5 hours to fully charge. For multi-day rental or events longer than 8 hours, we will include a charger in your rental kit. We also rent Portable Batteries for more convenient for on-the-go charging!



It’s super easy! Just turn on the transmitter and pair to your  audio device over Bluetooth or plug the transmitter into the master output of your mixing desk. Turn on the headphones and you’re good to go.

Once your rental order has been processed, your silent bar crawl box will be shipped right to your door a day before your event. The day after your rental ends, you’ll pack the equipment back up, and ship it back to us using the prepaid label. It’s that easy!

Rent Silent Disco at Festivals Package

Get ready to experience epic to a whole different level with this silent experience.

We ship to all 50 states and Canada. Submit the form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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