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Affiliate Program FAQs

Currently anyone can join as an affiliate! All you need to do to join is fill out an affiliate application, and wait for an approval email.

Earning as an affiliate is easy! Simply share your custom link (found in your affiliate dashboard). When people use your link to visit our site, we track that users purchases and reward you with a percentage of that purchase. 

We pay out affiliates within 30 days of the most recent month. Payment will be made directly to your PayPal email address on-file. Payouts will only be made when a total referral balance of $100 or more has been accrued.

After you’re accepted, log in to your affiliate dashboard to see your custom referral link. Or, create a new link to any page of our site from your dashboard. 

Currently Party Headphones is paying 10% referral purchases made through our website. Once rentals are integrated, we will automatically payout existing and new affiliates on all rental orders generated at the same rate. You won’t have to do anything else.

Stay tuned to updates to this program, including higher payout tiers for our most active affiliate members!

Order details are private, and will not be viewable by affiliates. You will, however, be able to view recent purchases tied to your link, and see estimated payouts based on those referrals. 

Your referral links are valid for the lifetime of you being in our program. Any purchases made through your shared link within 30-days of clicking on it will be credited towards your account as a sale.

This could be due to a few reasons, most commonly:

  1. Your referral didn’t complete their purchase, or they requested a refund.
  2. Your referral visited a different referral link most recently. (We track the most recent referral link click only).
  3. We determined that there was unfair play according to our terms of service.


If you feel like you are missing a valid payment, please reach out to [email protected] and let us know how we can help.

Right now we are only tracking referrals for purchases made on any of our Silent Disco Equipment. Soon we will begin tracking referrals for any of our rentals. When we are ready to offer that, you won’t have to do anything extra, just sit back and get paid.

We can’t guarantee earnings, but there is no cap on how much you can make with us as an affiliate. Log in to your affiliate dashboard to see current commission rates for each referral-sale you generate. 

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