Cornell University Startup Unveils First Silent Disco Store in the United States

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(Ithaca, NY) – A student led startup from Cornell University’s eLab Business Incubator announced on Monday that they have launched the first silent disco store in the United States.

For those who haven’t yet heard of silent disco, it is a live music event where sound is played to wireless headphones worn by the audience rather than through traditional speakers. “The events are commonly used to bypass noise restrictions and offer unique experiences where 2 DJs play music at the same time,” explained Jacob Reisch, CEO of Party Headphones and a junior in Cornell University’s Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

Having become popular overseas, silent disco is now expanding in the United States. After noticing this fast growth, Reisch and partners submitted a business plan for their entrepreneurship class to build a silent disco equipment company. “We were excited at the opportunity to create something with our own hands and learn how to build a company from the ground up,” said Reisch. “We knew the potential of this company was tremendous because most people still haven’t heard of silent disco, but those who’ve been to one absolutely love it,” he added.

The company has now worked with clients such as the Museum of Modern Art, Elon University and to facilitate events from New York City to California. Their plans moving forward are to provide silent disco equipment for events across the country and make the technology more accessible to those who want to host their own events.

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