4 Reasons Silent Disco Continues to Grow

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If you haven’t yet heard of silent disco, there may be some irony to that. Silent disco is a fast growing event concept where instead of playing music through traditional speakers, audio is broadcast directly to wireless headphones worn by the audience. The events first started in Europe and Australia, and are now steadily making their way into the US live music scene, now found at Bonnaroo, Camp Bisco, Warped Tour, and corporate events across the country.  Anyone, anywhere can throw their own silent disco.

There are 4 main reasons people are throwing silent discos:


Since silent disco has yet to be seen by the majority of Americans, the shock value is a major selling point. Very few events are as hysterical as a large group of people dancing wildly to no apparent music

2.Noise Restrictions

Many silent discos are held at venues where out-loud music is restricted. Since the music is all in the headphones, silent discos can take advantage of increased venue opportunities and later parties.

3.DJ Battles

Most silent disco headphones have multiple channels, meaning two DJs can spin simultaneously. This ends up creating events that satisfy multiple tastes of music and even gives the event a competition vibe that gets the crowd riled up.

4.Audience Freedom

For people fed up with losing their voices yelling over loud music, silent disco offers a solution. Headphones have individual volume control so guests can just turn down the music or remove the headphones to chat freely.

As silent disco continues to grow in the US and stays strong overseas, you can’t help but notice silent disco may not be just a passing trend. When you get beyond the sheer novelty of these awkward and hilarious dance parties, they are actually solutions to real problems. Contact us to find more information about silent disco or to host your own silent disco.

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