Australian Electronics Company Partners with Ithaca Startup to Bring Silent Disco Headphones to the United States

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On May 29th, Silent Safaris of Gold Coast Australia and Party Headphones of Ithaca, New York announced a partnership to bring silent disco headphones to the United States. The resulting company, Wireless Audio Solutions, LLC, aims to provide wireless headphones for an unusual application.

The partnership between a boutique electronics company from Gold Coast, Australia and an Ithaca, NY startup aims to bring a new product to the United States. The resulting company, Wireless Audio Solutions, LLC plans to improve the way people experience sound by providing an easy to use wireless headphone system for numerous applications.

The technology allows a user to connect any audio source to a transmitter, which then broadcasts the signal to all the headphones within 300 feet. The product offers value to tour guides, fitness centers and museums. “It is also used by party planners to host silent disco parties, where the music is broadcast to the headphones worn by the audience,” remarked Jacob Reisch, CEO of Party Headphones.

Party Headphones partnered with Silent Safaris of Gold Coast, Australia to bring the latest in wireless headphone technology to the United States.

“After spending 3 years testing and perfecting the technology in Australia, we’re excited to put our latest product, the Pro Gen III Wireless Headphone, in the hands of everyone who’s been asking for it,” said Jason Mustukas, Managing Director at Silent Safaris.

With the launch of the Pro Gen III wireless headphone system, the partnership will assist in the distribution of all Silent Safaris wireless silent disco headphones in the United States.

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Silent Safaris is a boutique electronics company in Australia specializing in radio frequency wireless headphone systems. The primary application for such technology is for silent disco events, but the equipment provides solutions for many other situations. Read more at

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Party Headphones specializes in helping people host unforgettable silent disco events by providing professional quality wireless headphone systems. All systems are simple to use and connect to laptops, mixers, iPods and high-end stereo equipment. Visit for more information on silent disco equipment and how to host your own silent disco.

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