Party Headphones Releases The Ultimate Guide to Silent Disco

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Party Headphones announced Monday that they are now offering a free instructional guide for hosting silent disco events. The news comes after the firms recent launch of the Audiarchy wireless headphone system for quiet clubbing in the United States.

On Monday, July 1st, Party Headphones announced the offering of an instructional guide for silent disco event production. The purpose of the guide is to help anyone host a silent disco or quiet clubbing event.

For those who haven’t yet heard of the new entertainment craze, silent disco is a live music event where sound is played to wireless headphones worn by the audience. “Some call it quiet clubbing and others call it silent disco. In either case, if you experience one of these events you’ll understand why everyone is starting to do them. It’s a truly unforgettable event,” explained Jacob Reisch, CEO of Party Headphones and a senior in Cornell University’s Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

Having become popular overseas, quiet clubbing is now expanding in the United States. After noticing this fast growth, Reisch and partners saw an opportunity to create a business that helps everyone host a silent disco. “Some friends and I wanted to throw a silent disco but couldn’t find the equipment anywhere. All the companies focused on producing the entire event so we had no option. That’s why we’ve made an instructional guide to silent disco and our company focuses on helping anyone host their own event,” Reisch added.

The company has now worked with clients such as the Museum of Modern Art, Elon University, Nestle and CyberCoders to facilitate events from New York City to California. The plan moving forward is to offer silent disco equipment for events across the country and make the technology more accessible to those who want to host their own events.

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Source: Party Headphones Releases The Ultimate Guide to Silent Disco

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