MTV2 Hosts Silent Disco at Comic-Con 2013

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On Thursday, July 18, onlookers at San Diego’s Petco park witnessed something strange taking place. What appeared to be masses of people dancing wildly to silence, was in fact a Silent Disco organized by MTV2 as part of the 2013 Comic-Con. “The [silent] disco was a HIT. Totally the highlight of the party,” the event organizers said in an email to Party Headphones, an Ithaca, New York based startup that supplied wireless headphones, transmitters and other equipment that made the silent disco at this years MTV2 event at Comic-Con possible.

Silent disco is an event concept that started in the Netherlands in 2002 and quickly became popular in Europe and Australia. Having recently made it’s way to the United States, Silent disco is quickly becoming an important part of any event that intends to be different from the usual.

“We found that everyone who’s been to a silent disco absolutely loves it. When you see people dancing to apparently nothing, it’s strange for sure— but put on a pair yourself and you’re sucked into an unforgettable experience,” said Jacob Reisch, CEO of Party Headphones. Having now rented silent disco headphones to the Museum of Modern Art, CyberCoders, CareerBliss and Elon University among others, Party Headphones plans to become a major player in the live entertainment scene.

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Party Headphones specializes in helping people host unforgettable silent party events by providing the best wireless headphone systems available. The silent disco headphones have personal volume control, dual channel transmission and an LED indicator light to show who is listening to which channel. All systems are simple to use and connect to laptops, mixers, iPods and high-end stereo equipment.

Source: MTV2 Hosts a Hit Silent Disco at the 2013 Comic-Con International in San Diego

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