Silent Disco Making an Appearance at the Cannes Film Festival

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Even those of us who never leave the country know that Cannes, France is the place where style and celebrity can be found. The Cannes Film Festival is an annual event that is typically marked by loud music as people “groove to the music.” This year, party-goers were met with a different atmosphere. Instead of the typical booming of the music that has become such a normal part of the scene, people were wearing silent disco headphones and dancing to the sound that those without the headphones couldn’t hear.

Why Party Headphones Are a Good Investment

Music presented by the DJ included an eclectic mix of tunes featuring Queen, Van Halen, Jay Z, and others. It was a unique time in the history of this popular event, with only one problem that was encountered at the silent party: there weren’t enough silent Party Headphones to go around! Some people were forced to wait their turn to enjoy the music and participate in the best part of the party, because they didn’t have their own set of silent headphones.

As the popularity of silent disco continues to grow, people are more likely to run into situations where their headphones will come in handy. The situation at the Cannes Film Festival is proof positive that everybody is doing it! Investing in your own pair of silent disco headphones will probably pay off for you, unless you rarely go to special events. In these situations, silent disco rentals can provide you with the Party Headphones you need for a great time. If you love to party, purchasing a pair of headphones is likely the best choice for you.

The Night That Wasn’t

The night that could have been one of the loudest any place in the world was not. This just shows us how much people are on board with the idea of having silent parties and still enjoying themselves by dancing to the music! Call us at 607-216-1082 to learn more about our headphone rentals and sales.

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