Party Headphones: The Next Best Thing in Music

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Party Headphones: The Next Best Thing in Music

Have you always wanted to be the host for the next great party with your friends, but were limited by noise restrictions?  Technology has produced a solution that doesn’t compromise on the quality of your own or your guests’ music listening experience. These wireless headphones can be used to connect to your music playing device and picked up by anyone wearing them within 300 feet. The intuitive controls give each guest the ability to control their own audio.

Superior Sound Quality

Guests don’t have to sacrifice quality of sound by limiting their music to a pair of headphones. The Mylar drivers ensure that they will enjoy superior sound quality for the ultimate silent disco experience. They can dance to the beat of their favorite tunes while the neighbors on the other side of the walls don’t even know there is a party going on!

Flexible, Comfortable to Wear

Each pair of Party Headphones is made from durable, flexible material that is reinforced with aluminum. You will get a secure fit without feeling constricted. Many people enjoy pulling the headphones off of one ear while they talk with their friends and other party guests, so that they still get the pleasure of listening to the music without completely giving up the sound.

Purchase or Rent?

Party Headphones gives you the option to rent or lease, so you can put the concept of a silent dance party to the test before you invest. Anyone who has ever wanted to be the host of the next party, and has to deal with limitations on noise and irritable neighbors, is going to love finally being able to share high quality music with their friends. To learn more, call 607-216-1082.

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