Turn Modern Technology into a Fun Silent Disco

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Technology is great, offering us new and innovative ways to communicate through work and to be entertained! The technology behind silent Party Headphones has not only made it possible to enjoy ourselves by taking the dance party anywhere we want to have it; it has also made it a better experience for those around us who don’t want to share the experience.

Although there are other companies out there making silent disco headphones, we offer next generation entertainment with industry-leading premium 2-channel wireless headphones that provide listeners with the ultimate audio experience. The quality of the sound and the features that allow you to listen according to your individual preferences are what set our Party Headphones apart from the rest. All you have to do is connect our transmitter with any device that has a play button, and every headphone within 300 feet will be able to share in the audio experience.

The features that set our silent headphones apart from the rest include:

    • Intuitive Controls – This feature lets you customize the sound to adjust the volume to your individual comfort level. It also includes dual channel reception and an LED indicator so you are in control of your individual sound and can see what others around you are listening to.
    • 40 MM Mylar Drivers – There is no point in wearing silent headphones if the quality of the sound isn’t good enough to dance to! You will experience a superior sound quality that has crystal clear highs and deep bass lows for the real-life sound you will enjoy.
    • Adjustable Headband – Our Party Headphones are made with an adjustable headband that allows any listener to have a custom fit. It is constructed of material that offers flexibility, with aluminum reinforcement for durability.
    • Compact Design – The dual channel headphones are made with durable hinges that let you fold them flat in their storage case. This collapsible design makes it convenient for anyone who purchases their own silent headphones to take them wherever they go.

Don’t be swayed by other brands that don’t use the latest, best technology to create silent headphones that will give every participant at your silent party an optimum listening experience. Call more to learn about our silent headphone rentals at 607-216-1082.

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