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Silent discos are gaining popularity very quickly. This trend has transformed the way people perceive going to clubs, dances or even events. Social gatherings with live music are associated with loud music, shouted conversations and ringing ears. Silent disco is an event that holds DJ concerts or live music through headphones and people attend to listen and dance. The music is transmitted through wireless headphones throughout the hall instead of traditional speakers. It is referred to as silent disco because anyone not wearing the audio devices will only see a group of people dancing to silence. It is a trend that promises continual growth in the entertainment industry.

Silent Discos vs. Speaker Systems

The silent discois highly advantageous compared to traditional disco and clubbing. The music is clear in the whole club. Unlike speakers which favor a certain group of people relative to its position, the transmission in the headphones is clean and clear no matter where you are in the room. You no longer need to be right below the stage to enjoy a live concert. Whenever you are, the music will get there. This also means that you can take a short break and still be able to enjoy a concert.

Silent discos are much healthier because of the controlled music. Speakers have to be turned up to a really high volume for everyone to hear. This is potentially harmful to the ears. Loud concerts are also great contributors to noise pollution. The music also goes beyond the confines of the party and proceeds to annoy the people in the vicinity. The silent disco is environmentally safe and does not disrupt anyone who walks by the concert. Moreover, late night parties can continue when they are silent because no regulations are broken. Unlike speaker system concerts, the party goers do not have to shout to be heard.

Advances in Silent Discos

Silent discos have another edge compared to speaker systems when the live show is a DJ concert. DJ battles are quite popular in silent discos. Basically, the wireless headphones can transmit over different frequencies. Each DJ takes a channel and entertains those tuned in. The listeners can change from one to the other without trouble. Though the number of channel is limited to three, this is something that is not done in regular partying. Moreover, it allows you to have a freedom of choice if one channel has music that you do not desire to hear. For a party with state-of-art entertainment, One Stop Boogie has delightful packages to suit all kinds of events.

The silent disco arena is growing and spreading to other parts of the entertainment industry such as theatre, cinema and even dance. It is an amazing trend that enhances social interaction. One might superficially assume that it is yet another level of isolation. With silent disco, it is finally easy to meet people and talk at a club. Friends can go to the same DJ event even though they have completely different taste in music. Silent disco is the future of the entertainment industry.

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