Children’s Silent Disco: Is it a good idea?

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Imagine a dance floor filled with kids and their parents wearing headphones and grooving to the music

These little party goers can now enjoy a noise-free venue while deciding which of the two song options that they like more through their dual channel wireless headphones.

Two years ago, Oakland celebrated the Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival. The event featured artwork, theatre, and children’s silent disco. The modes of expression paired with enticing storytellers and caricaturists were the highlights of the event. They were followed by otherworldly silent disco where 2 DJ sets were playing different songs for adults and children. Pitt Theatre Art student drummers and dancers performed for the children as well. This year, they hosted a Magical Forest Silent disco and played family friendly tunes in a playful environment.

In Amsterdam, Tommy Hilfiger recently opened a new kids store and celebrated with prêt à pregnant contributors and other guests with amazing activities. This party was all about kids being creative; from making personalized bracelets, building in the craft workshop, and jiving at the silent disco for kids section, the creative spirit flourished. To top off the day yummy cupcakes and fresh lemonade were provided.

Ireland plans to celebrate Barboro Galway International Arts Festival for children next year with exciting dance programs, visual arts, puppetry, literature and silent disco. The challenge is to inspire children to engage with the world through their experience with art.

Silent disco does not only entertain but it also serves as a new teaching resource for children. A company named Now>Press>Play generated the idea of educational silent disco for kids. This is when students wear wireless headphones and merge to the world of their topic. They act as the character of the story combing music, voices, and narration. According to teachers, the concept of educational silent disco improves the cooperation and behavior of students.

So yes, children’s silent disco is a good idea.

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