Silent Disco in Asia: 10 Countries Where You Can Find it

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Silent disco is an experience taking over parties and music festivals across the world.  One can always find a silent disco happening somewhere in Europe, Australia, and the US, but if you want to go to an event like this in Asia, here is a list of ten countries where, with a bit of luck, it is possible to find an awesome silent disco event to attend.


Thailand recently hosted its first annual international pop music festival at the Impact arena in Bangkok, “Sonic Bang” featuring 30 international artists performing various sets of music. To make the event memorable, Sonic Bang added unique highlights like a day spa and a silent disco.

This event intended to give people the best music experience with enough excitement and individual personality to generate buzz – at which it succeeded, thanks in no small part to the addition of silent disco.


One of Japan’s summer music festivals, “Summer Sonic” – which takes place in the cities of Tokyo and Osaka, has made it a point to host an outdoor silent disco each year since 2010.

This year, the silent disco was accompanied by performances from famous International artists Rihanna, Gotye, Garbage and Green Day among others, along with many up and coming Indie bands.

Hong Kong

“I had never heard of such an activity before, but it turned out to be so much fun!”  says Allison, an American and Hong Kong based blogger who attended her first silent disco party at Wo On Lane in Lan Kwai Fong. “The funniest part is when you take off your own headphones and just watch a bunch of people bopping around, singing their hearts out, in a completely silent room. I couldn’t stop grinning.”

During it’s three hour duration, party overflowed from indoors to out on the street!

Sri Lanka

This Electric Peacock Festival launched Sri Lanka’s first silent disco this year where 2 DJs competed for listeners.

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Festival Director Leah Bazalgette said that silent disco marks Electric Peacock Festival apart from other musical events that have taken place in Sri Lanka and promises to be a brand new experience for all festival attendees.

South Korea

In South Korea – a country some recognize as the birthplace of “Gangnam Style”, The city of Hongdae is known for its loud and intense clubs that line the main street. Check out the Hongdae Playground to enjoy K-pop, Silent disco Asia style.

A must on the itinerary of any music-lover visiting South Korea,  the area is also famous as a great place to hang out with friends and discover talented local musicians.


The largest Indonesian cities have been hosting silent disco events in bars and music festivals for some time now. This country celebrates Ramadan where night clubs are shut down at 10pm so everyone could go home and observe the tradition with his or her family. The Tir Na Nog bar also known as “The Irish” located on the idyllic tropical island of Gili Trawangan, Lombok  hosts a silent disco after shutting off loud music in order to stay open and let the party go on even after the official closing time during the holy month.

“The silent disco was great, but also hilarious.” says Kristen having attended her first silent disco in Asia.


The Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay’s Techfest is a yearly technology festival that hosted the first ever silent disco at any college festival in India. The concept allowed IITians and students who visited to attend the festival from Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the UAE to enjoy themselves without violating the city’s outdoor noise curfew of 10 PM.

According to the Techfest 2013 media and marketing manager Shrey Singh, silent disco combines technology and entertainment and also allows youngsters to party for as long as and wherever they desire.


In 2008, Kuala Lumpur’s Pavilion Mall hosted the first silent disco in Malaysia, dubbed ’42 below’ at a temporary club set up right in front of the mall’s main entrance. With dual DJ sets and a huge visual screen. DJ Rob and DJ Goldfish made the event a success by offering attendees to the option to choose between either House or Hip-Hop music to dance to. Attendees could do this simply by changing the channel on their wireless headphones.

“Silent Discos feel a bit strange for the first hour as people come to grips with the lack of a big sound system – but as soon as people have had a few drinks the party kicks into full swing.” Notes DJ Rob.


DJ Rob, whom you may remember from the silent disco in Malaysia, also plays at occasional silent disco events alongside DJ Andrew Teo at the Loof bar in Singapore – ranked one of the top 20 bars worldwide.


With 23 different DJs playing on different channels, people danced, enjoyed delicious food and had their spring water boiled into tea or coffee as they partied all night at a silent disco at the scenic Yangmingshan National Park. Taiwan in March this year.

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