Silent Disco System Set Up: Quick & Easy

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Silent Disco Equipment Set up:

The Party Headphones silent disco system has an extremely simple setup. Within minutes you can completely set up your system and get back to your party. Connect anything with audio output such as computers, smartphones, DJ mixing boards, karaoke systems, wireless mic setups, and much more.

Steps on setting up Silent Disco Transmitter and Wireless Headphones:


  1. Screw in the antenna if it is not already attached. If it is already attached, you do not need to adjust it.
  2. Plug the transmitter AC wall adapter into an AC wall power source. Plug in the DC connector to the back of the transmitter to power it up.
    • Each transmitter has 3 channels, make sure that all three transmitters are set to three different channels (1, 2, and 3) if you have multiple plugged in at once.
  3. Connect the RCA cord to the back of your transmitter. (White into white, red into the red.)
  4. Connect the transmitter to your audio source
    • The transmitter can be connected to a variety of audio sources, such as a laptop, iPhone, Android phone, or Tablet as long as it has a 3.5MM or AUX jack.

Wireless Headphones

  1. Turn on the wireless headphones with the switch on the side of the headphone. The headphone will light up with one of the default colors. Each color correlates to one channel, you may have to switch through the different headset channels to find the one that matches the transmitter.
  2. Adjust the volume wheel on the opposite side of the headphone.
  3. Select the channel you want to listen to. Our generation one and two headphones are three channel systems.
  4. Put it on your ear and you can then enjoy your very own silent disco!

How do Silent Disco Transmitters work?

Silent Disco Transmitters play music by taking an audio source, usually a mixer, phone, laptop, or tablet, converting that audio signal into an RF signal, then projecting that out to the headphones. This happens instantaneously at the speed of light so there is never any delay caused by

the RF signal. Sometimes a mixer, depending on the setup will have an audio delay, but RF is a type of light wave, so the signal is sent out instantaneously.

How many Channels are on a Silent Disco Transmitter?

A Transmitter usually has only one channel. This is the case with the majority of Party Headphones equipment. The Soundsource 1, Soundsource 2, and Battery Powered Soundsource 2 Transmitters are all single-frequency Transmitters. Each of these Transmitters is part of a three-channel system, meaning

you need three of these Transmitters to project three different channels at once.

How do I make my music play through a Transmitter?

The audio input on a Transmitter can be an AUX port which is the same as a regular headphone port on a laptop, an RCA port which is two separate inputs that are from the same red and white cords we all used

to plug into the back of DVD and VCR players, or Bluetooth. The fact that some Transmitters can receive their audio signal from Bluetooth can be a little confusing. In that case, Bluetooth is only being used to send the audio signal from an audio playing device to a Transmitter, then the Transmitter will convert that to an RF

signal, and send it out to the audience. The downside to this setup is a lot of types of Bluetooth degrade the sound quality. A direct connection via an audio cord is always the preferred method to have the highest quality sound possible.

How do I set the volume on a Silent Disco Transmitter?

It is an absolute necessity to ensure the volume level across each different Transmitter is the same. The easiest way to do this is to play the same song on each channel from each Audio Source at the same time. You can cycle through the channels on one headset and adjust the volume accordingly. For optimum sound quality, we recommend keeping the volume from your Audio Source at 80% of its maximum. If you set it at 100% it can distort the sound quality and make for a less ideal listening experience. Individual attendees at your event can 

adjust the volume further on their own headsets. 80% volume on your audio source and 100% volume on a headset is usually way too loud for a majority of people. Each person can adjust to their own comfort level.

It is important for events with kids to be more mindful of volume levels. We recommend for events with young children to set the base volume level closer to 60% so that if they fully turn up their own volume, they won’t make it too loud for their ears. You can test this yourself and make a determination as to what makes sense for your situation.

Where should my Transmitter be located?

Ideally, the Transmitter or Transmitters should be placed in a central location at your event. There are many possible arrangements but generally speaking, having them near the person in control of the music is best, in case there is any troubleshooting required. Having a line-of-sight of a majority of guests is also a good idea to ensure the strongest possible signal. This is also beneficial if channels need to be adjusted or switched during the event. Easy access is key.

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