The Complete Silent Disco Check List

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Planning events is hard work. Arrangements are constantly changing. Things fall through the cracks. And we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen with your silent disco event.

Pre-Event Checklist – Day Before

[ ] Turn and check the silent disco transmitter. Check one of the headphones in your venue to ensure no frequency issues on either channels.

[ ] Create an event logistics in attempt to minimize headphone loss (we recommend one entrance & one exit so that when guests are entering they are given a headphones and as they leave they are to hand it back)

[ ] Ensure that you have the proper cords for your audio source

Pre-Event Checklist – Hours Before

[ ] Set up Party Headphones cards to give easy instructions on how to operate headphones

[ ] Lay out Party Headphones glow in the dark bands to give your guests a souvenir

[ ] Turn on all headphones for easy distribution

[ ] If collecting ID’s as a deposit for headphones ensure to have a solid organization set up handy – we suggest alphabetizing the ID’s once received and giving a hand stamp or bracelet to show that they deposited their ID.

[ ]  Sound check with DJ or other audio source

During Event Checklist

[ ] Ensure that you and your guests have a great time!

[ ] If you are unable to have a one entrance one exit logistical set up keep an eye on headphones walking off

[ ] We can almost guarantee someone will come up to you during the event and say “My silent disco headphones are not working!”.  Typically they just turned them off so just turn them back on and hand back!

Post-Event Checklist

[ ] Count the headphones to make sure that none of them are missing. If any are missing, check around the event venue and double check with all those backstage

[ ] Pack the silent disco headphones back into the shipping cases.

[ ] Drop off at local FedEx outlet or call and schedule a pick up according to the instructions in your rental folder!

Silent discos are simple enough that anyone can host one anywhere.  From turning dinners into dance parties to holding massive concert style events at some of the well known music festivals across the country, the basic event set up remains the same.

What tips are we missing?  What else do you want to know in order to throw a kick ass event?

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