Successful College Event: How They Did It

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Find out how a student silent party was brought to fruition.

It started with an idea.

A spark that was reignited while one of our student leaders reflected on her time spent at Bonnaroo the summer before: “Can our student group hold a successful campus silent disco?”.

Her peers were excited about the potential and the questions started flying about how the they could pull off a successful college silent disco event.  A silent disco is a unique event rather than the traditional loudspeaker PA system guests are given wireless headphones making for a more engaging event.

For any event to be successful, people need to show up!  To get more people out and about to attend their event the EA hit the streets and took up some traditional college marketing strategies.

After appropriately naming their event the “Silent Eco-Disco” the EA hit the streets to get the word out.  In response to their efforts, the Social Events Chair said:

“As for marketing, we hung flyers around campus and some public coffee shops and restaurants. We had a bunch of smaller flyers that we passed out the day before. We made a Facebook Event that we shared with tons of students.”

Simple Event Logistics

Environmental Alliance held their event in the big courtyard right outside the Main Hall to maintain a high foot traffic flow.

The event lasted from 8:30-11:30 PM on the Thursday before Halloween.  They had student and local DJs spinning on the two separate headphone channels staggered to start and end to ensure there was never an interruption in the music.

A simple set up of just pop up tables and a tent were used.  It was a cold day so the tent was helpful to keep the heat in that was being generated from the many dancing bodies!

Drum Roll Please

The equipment was simple and easy to use.  As shown in the picture below the EA campus event peaked at approximately 80 people at one point, very atypical for smaller events held on a similar campus across the country.

EA’s President went on to say:

“Everything went well! We had such a good turnout. Everyone loved the event…  Silent Disco was our best event yet. I’m sure we’ll be open to host one again in the future.”

This is just one of our many college success stories.  Do you have one to share?

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