Pros and Cons of Two & Three Channel Headphones

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With all the different silent disco headphone models out there in the world today choosing the right model can get difficult.

Here we share our experience and our expertise about the pros and cons of 2 & 3 channel headphone models.

Two Channel Headphone


    • Compact with foldable design allows for you to store 4 times as many compared to the bigger, bulkier models
    • Sleek silver professional look, better for those events that aren’t silent disco
    • Two channels helps to alleviate an additional logistical step
    • Females (or males) do not need to take off their dangly earrings
    • On the ear allows for less bulkiness and less sweat
    • Better for high frequency audio
    • Rechargeable battery allows for approximately 8 hours of battery life.


    • If there is other area noise (another stage) the on the ear headphone may not block out all surrounding noise
    • The LED indicator lights are small and not easy to identify

Three channel over the ear headphones


    • Better for low frequency audio (more bass)
    • Three channels allows for another option when it comes to music choice
    • Over the ear blocks out surrounding noise
    • Each headphone lights up boldly either green, red, or blue to show you what channel you are on.
    • Rechargeable batteries allows for approximately 12 hours of battery life


    • Large over the ear headphones need more boxes to be shipped therefore increasing the overall package price
    • Three channels could also complicate matters and confuse the audience with one too many choices

It really comes down to what sort of event you are looking to do and what you want the headphones to represent.

If you want run of the mill, bass heavy, light up headphones than choose the three channel over the ear.

If you want premium, treble friendly, professional looking headphones go with the two channel headphone.

Luckily, we carry both! You can request a quote here.

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