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Many companies hold conferences two to three times a year, whether it involves education, sales meetings or marketing brainstorm sessions. And most employees have grown tired of the antiquated hotel ballroom snooze fests that companies arrange. shutterstock_130507181In order to stay ahead of the curve and leave attendees remembering why they attended a meeting in the first place, it’s imperative that companies adapt and stay up-to-date with event planning trends, and offer a more inclusive and engaging experience for employees. For conference planners, it might be hard to come up with new ideas or find solutions to improve upon processes and simplify the actual planning. This is where Eventinterface comes in. Eventinterface is a full-featured conference planning and engagement software platform that helps companies promote conferences and events, manage attendees, create more revenue and engage participants in powerful communities. Eventinterface makes it easier for planners to plan and attendees to attend. Attendees can walk away feeling inspired, engaged, and most of all included in all aspects of the event. Take a look at some of the cool things that Eventinterface has to offer and who is behind this game-changing software.


Eventinterface has features galore that assist planners to market their conference and provide a custom, unique experience specifically for each audience. Look at all of the cool gadgets that give you access to streamlining processes and making for a smoother attendee experience. • Custom online registration microsites• Social media integration• Attendee engagement• Custom event URL• Housing integration• Share video, presentations and photos• Attendee itinerary creation• Analytics• Email marketing• Real-time custom reporting• Integrates with Stripe and PayPal• Discount codes• Attendee info management• Communication tools• Event SMS and chat• Virtual events


When planning a conference, a venue and third-party vendor partnerships are paramount to the success of the event. Naturally, as a platform that assists conference planners, Eventinterface expanded to create Eventinterface MARKET. Eventinterface MARKET is a complimentary resource for event planners, which features a robust database of trusted vendors in all major cities. It allows you to search and connect directly with each qualified partner. This is a huge help for planners who are organizing events in an unfamiliar city. Eventinterface MARKET includes:• Destinations• Venues• Hotels• Planners• Services• Technology

Half of the Brains Behind the Business

Al Wynant, co-founder and CEO of Eventinterface has almost three decades of international meeting management experience, and has managed small and astronomically-sized meetings and events in seven different countries. He intimately understands the many aspects of the industry, and how technology can make the complicated process of planning and managing events, and engaging attendees easier, helpful in his role of CEO at Eventinterface. The secrets of success for this entrepreneur include starting every day with a positive attitude, asking for help when he needs it, and surrounding himself with people who challenge him.

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