Simple Tips & Tricks for Your Next Fundraiser

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There are so many ways to raise money for a good cause. We’re willing to bet most people have had some sort of experience participating in a school fundraiser that has involved a bake sale, car wash, dress day, raffle, or gift wrapping sale. Most of these took place in grade school, but there’s a good chance some of these old school methods still exist at colleges today.Today’s college students are part of a generation that is constantly looking for the next best thing…and it’s usually involves some sort of technology or engaging element. When students are challenged to throw a fundraiser for their fraternity, sorority, class or specialized group, they immediately think “what can we do differently”.bake_sale-appleHere are some simple tips to host a fundraiser that is bound to generate attention for your cause:

Get the go ahead

If you are holding anything on campus, make sure you have the approval of your dean or administrator, as well as the majority of your group. The last thing you need is to get too far in the planning process or even get shut down the day of your event because you didn’t get permission.

Determine a budget

While you need to raise and collect money, you’ll have to spend it to throw the event. Keep the budget low so that the proceeds can be maximized.

What can you get for free?

There are plenty of local and national corporations that are willing to donate drinks, food, or product to your event. Reach out to your social network and tap into your friend’s networks to see if they know anyone willing to donate as well. You’ll never know if you don’t ask!

Brainstorm (A Silent Disco)

No need, we have the perfect event for you. A SILENT DISCO – You can have an awesome dance party or formal where people bring multiple dates (to help boost donations), a silent movie screening, or even a meditation class.Or couple your silent disco with something a little more traditional.

  • Hold a walk-a-thon and hold the silent disco dance party at the finish line.
  • Complement your silent disco with a good old-fashioned bake sale…everyone loves good music and sweets.
  • Theme the dress code with the music you plan to play at your silent disco: 80s Hits, 90s Hip-Hop, 2000 Pop, Christmas, Summer Jams, etc.

Promote the event

Put up flyers in the student union. Ask professors if you can mention something to your classmates at the end of your classes. Utilize social networks, especially Facebook Live (see recent Facebook Live post as a good guide).Happy planning.

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