Let’s Meet Elsewhere : Best Warm Places to Hold a Meeting

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The redundancy of a 9-5 job can really take a toll on one’s well being! Wake. Shower. Commute. Sit at a desk. Hold Meetings. Commute. Dinner. Sleep. REPEAT!In order to increase productivity in the workplace, there are plenty of ways managers can change things up in order to excite their employees. One suggestion from the Party Headphones group is to host an off-site meeting once or twice a year to rejuvenate, challenge, and inspire those to take what they’ve learned off-site and incorporate the new information into everyday business practices.But we’re not going to tell you how to run your meeting here. We’re going to tell you where to have it! You’ll see there is a theme here – and the theme is warmth. Providing a relaxing, idealistic location for your team can put employees at ease and allow them to enjoy themselves while working at the same time.If you’re looking to be at the crux of all things hip, you’ll probably gravitate towards New York City or Los Angeles to hold a meeting. But the world is bustling with emerging creative hubs that are relaxing and perfect for a working environment.

Austin, TX

All anyone does it talk about how cool Austin, Texas is. The downtown area is super convenient, with only a 7.5-mile drive to the airport, and over 35,000 hotel rooms exist citywide. The food, music, and nightlife scene can’t be beat and Lake Travis (think beautiful spas and resorts!) is only a 30-minute drive away.Places to consider holding your meeting: Hotel San Jose, Kimber Modern, Travaasa Austin

San Diego, CA

While San Diego might be stereotyped as a city swarming with 20-something surf rats and midshipmen, the city is breathtaking, creative, and jam-packed with things to do. San Diego is has already become a destination for the entertainment business with the ever-growing Comic-Con International Conference. So you know it’s a place to be seen! Places to consider holding your meeting: Hotel Del Coronado, Kimpton Solamar, The Pearl

Tulum, Mexico

If you have a small team, it might be in your best interest to seek a more desirable place (less people = less $ to spend). Tulum has been a hipster sanctuary for quite a few years now, and some of the country’s best chefs are planting their roots in the rustic Mexican town. The allure is its quaint, laidback environment coupled with immense Mexican style. Don’t depend on lavish A/V setups in Tulum (Wi-Fi may be scarce in areas!)… this is more a place to unplug and team-build the analog way. Places to consider holding your meeting: Ana y Jose, Casa De Las Olas, Nest Hotel

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