Common Event Planning Jargon

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When it comes to event planning, there is a lot of jargon that gets thrown around. Here is a list of some of the most common terms and what they mean.
The word JARGON is defined as special words or expressions that are used by a profession or group and are difficult for others outside that profession or group to understand.
Chances are the team who produced your last silent disco event used some lingo that you might not have understood. Or the professor in your class used some marketing terms that flew right over your head.
As the world sees advances in technology and we create new ways to do things, new words are created. An event planner in their 20s probably knows a whole new set of words that a planner in their 40s doesn’t know. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the latest words that make the industry tick!
We’ve handpicked a few industry terms that we think will be helpful to you in planning or promoting your next event (or silent disco)! No need to scratch your head trying to figure out what these words mean. Now you know them and will be the smartest person in the room!

1. “Venue”

A venue is a physical location where an event is taking place. It can be a hotel, a conference center, or a park.

2. “Sponsor”

A sponsor is an organization or individual that provides financial or other support for an event. Sponsors may be entitled to certain branding or marketing rights at the event.

3. “Exhibit”

An exhibit is a space or stand at an event where a company can showcase its products or services.

4. “Attendee

An attendee is someone who has registered to attend an event.

5. “Speaker”

A speaker is someone who is invited to speak at an event.

6. “Panelist”

A panelist is someone who participates in a panel discussion at an event.

7. “Delegate”

A delegate is someone who is sent to an event by their organization to represent them.

8. “Conference”

A conference is a meeting or event where a group of people come together to discuss a particular topic or issue.

9. “Meeting”

A meeting is a gathering of people for the purpose of discussing or accomplishing something.

10. “Incentive trip”

An incentive trip is a travel reward offered to employees or customers as an incentive to achieve a particular goal.

11. “Brand Advocate”

A consumer that loves your product so much, they market it (mainly through social media or word of mouth) on their own time. These are super valuable people you want on your side!

12. “Clickthrough Rate”

Measurement of people who viewed your message or content online (Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, website) and then performed the action required link clicking on a link.

13. “EDT”

Estimated Departure Time. Example: We need to add one more song to the playlist before the DJ’s EDT.

14. “Engagement”

Social media engagement is the way you interact with other users. If you’re throwing a silent disco, your comment on someone’s Instagram post, Snapchat or tweet they posted from the event is “engagement”.

15. “Geolocation, Geotagging”

Tagging a post (photo, video, message) with a specific location.

16. “Launch”

The official announcement, usually jump started with a press release or social media post, about a new product, service, or event.

17. “Lavalier”

A wireless microphone that can be affixed to a lapel of a speaker. Let’s just call it a wireless microphone.

18. “Organic Reach”

The number of people who view content or use your product without paid promotion. Organic reach is free and at times the most valuable for your brand.

19. “Strike”

The taking down of equipment or décor.

20. “Vlogger”

An influential person who creates and broadcasts video blogs. Vloggers typically have a significant amount of loyal viewers, so hire one of these to vlog from or about your next silent disco.
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