Everyone Needs a Social Media Coordinator

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Not everyone is familiar with the day-to-day work of a Social Media Coordinator, even though this opportunity exists in all sectors of the marketing world!

Lifestyle brands, service-related businesses, media personalities, and even pharmaceutical companies (the list goes on!) employ professionals to manage their social media platforms.

We just searched “Social Media Coordinator” on LinkedIn and 979 jobs resulted in the United States. This job opportunity is everywhere!

It’s a great way for college graduates to get a “foot in the door” at a company, as the job is typically an entry level job. With digital teams growing in numbers, there is plenty of room to grow within this cutting-edge niche.

It turns out that most people don’t really know what a Social Media Coordinator does. So we’ve broken it down for you here:


A person who goofs off on Facebook and Instagram day in and day out.


A digitally-savvy professional who strategically defines a brand’s voice through social media platforms and channels. The Social Media Coordinator increases a brand’s online presence by building buzz and gaining momentum for new products, launches, or services.


  1. Engages with users on costumer service issues by commenting on behalf of the brand.
  2. Works cross-functionally with other marketing counterparts to ensure a consistent brand message across all channels.
  3. Consistently brainstorms ideas creative ways to create content.
  4. Plots an editorial calendar and creates the strategy for content creation.
  5. Analyzes the data and results of social media tactics.
  6. Researches social media trends and is knowledgeable on all types of social media channels.

This is such a hot job because of the importance social media brings to a company’s growth and exposure. What used to be a job that only existed at a few companies a few years ago, is now a job that exists at almost every company today.

Some positions manage all social media accounts (that can be a lot to manage); others specialize in just a few. Think about all there is to manage: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snaphat, Pinterest, You Tube, and the list goes on…


  1. Stay active on personal social media platforms (stop posting pictures that make you appear irresponsible immediately).
  2. Join all platforms (whether you like them or not) to get a better understanding of how they operate.
  3. Study the newest emerging channels and updates to existing platforms (jump right into Instagram stories, Boomerang, and Facebook Live).
  4. Start to follow brands and see how others do it
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