SXSW Takes Us On a Virtual Reality Ride

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For the first time since the 1990s, virtual reality is making its way back to the masses with more affordable and consumer-friendly apparatuses.

This year, attendees at South by Southwest Conference were hit with the VR bug in a big way. It was by far and away the most buzzed-about topic and IT. WAS. EVERYWHERE.

For years, virtual reality has had a presence at the music, film, and interactive festival but this year, SXSW took it up a notch. The conference expanded its program, and for the first time, opened VR submissions for companies to be viewed at its three-day Virtual Cinema showcase.

As VR technology and products become more accessible, consumers have the chance to experience realistic environments or imaginary settings in virtual (or artificial) worlds that we never would be able to in real life. It has the potential to shift the way we perceive the world around us through this interactive, seemingly “real” experience.

Through virtual reality, we have the ability to slay dragons, be part of a music video, or even travel to Mars.


Virtual Reality Can Keep Us Healthy… Question Mark?

Health and fitness intersect with virtual reality? Sounds like a crazy concept, but wellness technology company Blue Goji is pushing limits by incorporating the trending technology into cardio equipment for a next-level fitness experience.

The merge of game and fitness is designed to entice those with not so healthy habits and also enhance the lives of those with preventable chronic conditions.

Buzz Aldrin Takes Us to Mars

Most people daydream about exploring space simply because it’s not a reality for the average person.

Well, now the ultimate journey to space and the planet Mars has become a virtual reality.

VR firm 8i debuted Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars at SXSW to showcase the educational potential of the much talked-about platform. Aspiring astronauts can join the legendary astronaut as he talks about mankind’s vision to physically reach the planet Mars.

Make Unique Music

It wouldn’t be SXSW without a virtual reality music experience, right? Viacom Next and musician Hot Sugar collaborated to conceive a music video that only the participant can create.

Set yourself in the brain of a tortured mind in The Melody of Dust to unravel a song through interactions with different objects in cyberspace. As you touch, feel, and interact with the objects, they forge a unique melody to the user that might never play the same way twice.

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