Why You Need Influencers at Your Events

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Growing up, it was always fun to have the “cool kid” at your party. The fact that he or she made an effort to come to your party upped your cool factor and made you feel popular. But it was really only a win for you if everyone knew about it, because what good was it if no one ever knew he or she was there?

All of this sounds pretty silly but, pretty much, times haven’t changed, and the same rings true in the professional world.

That same super-loved kid that came to your seventh grade roller skating party is the exact type of person global brands want attending and promoting their events. Brands want the type of person whose organic evangelism will impact the world around them and gain awareness for their brand.

The way it’s done these days is through social media (duh). With the right amount of social media followers and perfect amount of cool, a person can be very important asset to a brand by promoting its products and services and increasing its reach.

It’s INSANE the potential a brand and its influential advocates have to reach people all over the world. Just think, with the right hashtags and perfect partner, an influencer can gain awareness for a brand that it never dreamed of!

Here are a few tips to help any brand through the process of hiring an influencer.

Gauge your influencer’s audience

  • Does he/she have the followers you want to reach?

Have a friendly approach

  • Sometimes it’s best to have a connection rather than cold-calling.

Agree on Terms (A MUST!)

  • Make sure you get the agreement in writing or over email prior to your event.
  • If your budget is small, offer the influencer product or free access to your service in exchange for the promotion.
  • If you have a specific social media channel that is more important to your brand, lay down the criteria in the agreement.

Sample terms could include:

  • One post on Twitter and Instagram, and one Facebook Live post
  • One post prior to the event, during, and after the event
  • A requirement of hashtags with every post
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