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Indications that summer is here.

  • The successful emergence from sweater weather
  • Temperatures are on the rise
  • Longer days commence (yay!)

Once you’ve checked these three boxes, it’s time to get outside! So hey, if fun generally exists alfresco in the summertime, why not plan all of your events outside?

You might think outdoors events are all guaranteed wins. Happy guests, happy event — right? Not always. Planning an outdoor event is a lot harder than you’d think. There are many things to consider and many backup plans to be had, so it takes a super organized planner to pull it off.

What to consider when producing an outdoor event:

Backup plan:
Should the skies open up on your guests, you will need a backup plan — which means planning two different event scenarios simultaneously. Don’t choose a venue that doesn’t have an option B.

If you’re in an open area, always rent a tent. Shade your guests from the sun and save your event if it rains.

Stay connected:
Make sure the area is connected to a wireless network (for guests and staff). If not, bring a hotspot.

Not everyone can hold it:
Don’t forget to rent portable bathrooms if outdoor restrooms aren’t an option.

Make sure you’re allowed:
Outdoor events might require a permit, especially if your venue is on public property. There are permits for everything – noise, parking, holding the event. Do your research.

Take a look at some of awesome outdoor events that we strive to plan one day!

Run Disney Races

If chilling temps make you mad, head south and train for the Walt Disney-themed running races held in the winter. They’ve got plenty of themes that allow adults to be kids again — Star Wars Half Marathon, Super Hero Half Marathon, Disney Princess Half Marathon! Check out the races in November, January, February, and other months. They must have a whole team of planners with events held year round.

Jam Cruise

Music and vacation collide with the five-day event aboard the Norwegian Jade cruise ship. There is no rest on this ship with multiple music venues and around-the-clock concerts. One plus is the ship stops in Miami, Honduras, and Grand Cayman, so relaxation is still a possibility. With five days and multiple stops, we’re guessing these planners are super organized.

Burning Man

For over 30 years, the unofficial last week of summer is dedicated to Burning Man, a themed event held in the desert of Nevada. Thousands of people convene in the middle of nowhere to create an “experimental city” through spiritual and artistic expression. Everything that goes in, must come out. So, Burning Man cleanup might be the biggest event planning challenge we’ve ever heard of.

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