Highlights from the Wired Conference

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This past June, the business world’s savviest, groundbreaking leaders descended upon New York City to speak at the 10th annual WIRED Business Conference.

Attendees were given the rare opportunity to participate in intimate discussions with WIRED and these revolutionaries about the issues that are pushing the world to new heights. Some of the conversations touched on futuristic concepts that we didn’t even realize were possible (or totally went over our heads).

Take a look at a few speakers that we thought were undeniably thought provoking.

Lore Normal Foster

Apple: #1 company tech nerds want to work. And pretty soon, you can add Apple as having the #1 coolest office space too.

Guests were given the pleasure of seeing Lord Norman Foster speak, the architect behind the new Apple Park global headquarters. He worked with late Apple CEO Steve Jobs on everything from the door handles, massive glass windows (the biggest in the world), and an 11,000-car garage, and talked about the future of Corporate America working spaces.

British architect and founder of Foster + Partners, Lord Foster is the genius behind designing innovative buildings, such as the Heasrt Tower in New York City, Millennium Bridge and Wembley Stadium in London, and CityCenterDC in Washington, D.C.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy

Later in the day, the conference took a break from biotechnology and algorithms, and went Hollywood. Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy, are a talented and insanely intelligent couple, oh and the co-creators and show runners of HBO’s Westworld. The dynamic duo discussed how their show has become a catalyst for introducing how humans deal with foreseeable concepts like artificial intelligence — before it actually happens in real life.

David Limp

It’s super rare you see an Amazon executive speaking to the media, so guests got a treat when WIRED secured Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Devices David Limp to speak. As leader of the team who developed the Amazon Echo and its digital assistant Alexa, Limp spoke about a world with infinite computing power and without any restraint on servers. Basically, what life would be like if a computer was able to fulfill any request you had, no matter where you were. (It’s looking like one day humans will have a 24/7 AI assistant anywhere they go, not just in the home.)

Other Geniuses That Spoke

Andy Rubin: smartphone inventor and creator of the Android
Jennifer Doudna: biochemist who has developed a gene-editing tool that could cure diseases and change humankind as we know it
Urs Hölzle: Google executive who oversees the servers, networks, and data centers that power its online presence

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