Artificial Intelligence: Making Today’s Event Planning a Lot Easier

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Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming influential in the event industry. The term might sound intimidating to some planners. (It was to us because it sounded so futuristic.) But really, artificial intelligence (A.I.) is pretty general term that constitutes any technology that performs a task normally completed with human intelligence.

You’d be surprised how much you already know about A.I.

Do you use Siri? If yes, you use artificial intelligence in every day life. On top of Siri, Alexa, and any other intelligent assistants, inventors and entrepreneurs are constantly thinking up ways to incorporate A.I. into business operations. And with A.I., the events industry is benefiting from easier check-ins, automated scheduling, and attendee reporting.

Check out three ways artificial intelligence has helped make events professionals’ jobs waaaay easier.

Attendee Matching

Ever go to a conference with the intention of networking, but end up business card-less because you never got to meet the right people? Thanks to the advancement of A.I. at events, conference organizers can match attendees based on their interests, business background, and reasoning for attending the conference.

Allotted networking sessions are scheduled, and based on a quick survey, conference planners send suggestions to attendees on who they should meet. No more forced conversations or chance encounters at the buffet table. Attendees can go to conferences with guaranteed networking scheduled in the itinerary.

Automated Check-In

Remember when event planners used to set up tables (with really ugly tablecloths) at a hotel to register attendees for a conference. You’d most likely be placed in a corner or at some bustling hotel entrance, and were lucky if attendees even saw your signage. Right?!

Well, you’ll never have to worry about ugly tablecloths or sorting through registration papers again. There are tons of apps that make check-in quick, simple, and hassle free. Some are even cloud-based, and allow multiple team members to view the activity and check-in numbers in real time.

Check out:

  • Social Tables
  • Boomset
  • Event Farm

Concierge App

Concierge apps are the great way to utilize everything a conference or event has to offer. Think of it as the know-it-all concierge who gives you the complete inside scoop on everything you need to know about the event — and then some.

Here are just a few great things about a concierge app:

• Meeting Agenda — Misplace your agenda? Don’t worry. You’ll never have to deal with an agenda paper again. With a concierge app, it’s all in your phone now.
• Push Notifications — Get reminders on important break out session or that team dinner scheduled after you nap. (Conferences can be intense.)
• Local Activities — If you have free time, check out other things to do around the city with suggestions on the app.

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