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Hey event planners! Ever tell someone what you do for a living and get a “you have the coolest job ever” response? We’re guessing that’s a yes!

When you think about it, event planners do have pretty cool jobs. They get to work with creative people from all different backgrounds and expertise to pursue a common goal. (A successful event!) It requires exceptional teamwork and organizational skills — leaving no detail unaccounted for. Whether it’s a serious corporate gathering or a lavish soiree, event planning is a pretty cool gig.

Check out some event planning jobs that we think are awesome.

Samsung 837

Samsung, among other global brands, have been creating cultural spaces in top cities for a few years now in order to showcase their product in an elevated way. Samsung 837 is a space where technology and culture collide, and the brand holds events to demonstrate how their devices contribute to the buzzworthy moments in music, art, fashion, food, and nightlife. The space hosts events headlined by top-notch talent and is located in the pulse of the ultra-chic Meatpacking District. Planning events there would never be boring.

The Olympics

Who wouldn’t want to plan events around sports, healthy competition, and global comradery? The Olympics is a special thing to witness, and not many people get a chance to see the Games in action. So it’s safe to say, working for The Olympics is the opportunity of a lifetime. You’d think planning events every two years would afford an Olympics event planner some down time. No sir. The second one is over, you’re on to planning the next…if you haven’t started already.

The Super Bowl

When you hear the words “NFL season” — you think of tailgates, parties, good food, flashy competition, and downright fun. Picture all of those things wrapped in one event and multiply it by 1,000 (or more) for the Super Bowl. Whether you’re planning the main event or a sponsor’s party, most of the guests are high rollers and planners get huge budgets to use. (Not a typical thing you’re afforded as an event planner. Pun intended.) This job is a legit resume builder.

Celebrity Weddings

Celebrity wedding planners have the honor of witnessing the unity of true love over and over again in some of the most lavish and spectacular ways. One challenge: a planner can’t say no to celebrities’ outlandish requests like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s opulent white flower wall or Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel renting an Italian hotel (and surrounding buildings!) to keep the paparazzi away. We imagine it can be stressful at times, but what event planning job isn’t. Sign us up for this one!

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