Event Planners Can Freelance Too

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Punching the clock is still very much a thing in Corporate America. But for some industries, flexible schedules and contracted freelance work is on the rise. Freelancers make up a large part of the job force and luckily for many, this trend isn’t fading any time soon.

For event planners, working for yourself is definitely an option. Since corporations have downsized marketing departments over the years, fulltime event planning jobs are hard to come by. Companies would rather pay a freelancer on a project basis, than hire someone full time. That’s where you come in! Yay.

If you’re thinking of freelancing or have already started, check out our pros and cons, tips for finding more work, and where to find it.

Pros / Cons

1. No Commute – This gives you back time in your day. More time for you!
2. Work Choices – Working on projects that inspire you increases productivity.
3. Work When You Want – Goodbye office hours. Hello freedom.

1. No Benefits – Can be a deal breaker, so research your options.
2. Little structure – Managing a workload takes discipline and a lot of self motivation.
3. Unsteady Income – Be prepared for periods of time with no income.

Tips for Finding Work

1. Rely on Your Contacts – Relentlessly reach out to friends, family, and friends of friends. You never know who is looking for work.

2. Attend Networking Events – Socializing with strangers can be a challenge for some, but it makes things easier when everyone in the room has a common interest or goal.

3. Advertise Yourself – Be active on social media, and put the message out there that you’re looking for work. If you hustle, it’ll come.

Where to Find It

We’re big fans of the internet…so here are some online resources.

1. LinkedIn – Not only do that have a huge database of both full-time and freelance job opportunities, but this is another avenue to utilize your professional network (and 2nd and 3rd degree connections) to find work.

2. Upwork – This is biggest freelance job site out there! Keep in mind, they take 20% the first $500 billed with a client, but 10% after that. And if you stick with them long enough, it goes down to 5%.

3. Guru, FlexJobs, Freelancer, Indeed, and many, many more. It wouldn’t be fair to suggest just one site when there are so many out there.

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