New Year’s Eve Events Worth Attending

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Everyone is always so wishy-washy about New Year’s Eve. Either it’s the best night of the year, or it’s considered a night for amateurs. These days, with so many different and creative experiences made available to us, it can be a really fun night. (Don’t worry. It never has to be the best night — that’s too much pressure.)

Whether you’re throwing an event or attending one as a guest, it’s always cool to experience something a little extra special while you’re celebrating. It can be something as small as unique invitation and a signature drink, or as large as a celebrity host and a crazy light show.

So if you’re not in the mood for brainstorming, we’ve put together some event ideas for just about any New Year’s Eve gathering — big or small.

Before we get into it though, we should mention that Party Headphones go well with just about any type of event in existence, so maybe renting some will be the answer to making your New Year’s Eve party — you know, extra special.

Throw a Themed Party

This works for small groups or droves of people. Themed party ideas can be as simple as asking everyone to wear a crazy hat or their high school uniform. And speaking of nostalgia, why not get on the 90s band wagon and throw a decade party. Since 90s fashion is all the rage, it shouldn’t be hard to find something to wear.

Don’t Let Go Just Yet

Spend all your holiday time with your family but got no time with your friends? If you’re not ready to let go of Christmas, here’s a novel idea. Throw a Christmas party…on New Year’s Eve. We bet your friends will be into it. It takes the stress out of getting together before the holidays and gives you extra days to shop for your Secret Santa — at the sales…oh, all the sales!

A Formal Dinner Party

If there is one night to live it up, it’s this one. So, deck yourself in some fancy clothes and act fancy. Throw a sophisticated, sit-down dinner party for your friends, or attend one at a really fancy restaurant. We can’t picture you breaking Party Headphones for this one. But hey, you never know could happen in the late hours of the night!

Roam the Streets

This might be the best idea of all. The general mood on New Year’s Eve is one of merriment, celebration, and happiness. And it’s contagious. Arrange a night of restaurant or bar hopping that allows you to interact with different groups of people. It might be cold to bounce from place to place, but it’s worth it to feel energy from happy strangers. Note: don’t roam any streets that are dangerous.

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