The Pop-Ups We Saw in December

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Holiday shopping is always stressful. (Quite frankly, we’re glad it’s over.)

Luckily for us shoppers, brands get more and more creative each year in how they deliver a shopping experience to consumers. For example, this year saw an increasing amount of immersive pop-up shops and seasonal artisan markets.

Pop-up shops that offer limited-edition collections and engaging experiences that make shopping fun and manageable for everyone.

Take a look at three we loved this past holiday season.


J.C. Penney picked up a great sense of humor this holiday with it’s Jacques Penne pop-up shop. (It’s upscale French nickname. Tarjay anyone?)

The two-day shopping event took place in New York City, and allowed goods to be purchased from the pop-up shop online with a digital virtual tour. With curated collections by Nicole Ritchie and styles Michael Strahan at the shop, J.C. Penney has been looking to reinvigorate the brand and the consumer appeal it’s lost in today’s competitive market.


For it’s third year, Washington D.C. got into the holiday spirit with a Christmas Wonderland-inspired bar unlike any other. Every nook and cranny of Miracle on Seventh Street was decked out in crazy décor and there wasn’t an inch in the space that wasn’t worth of a selfie backdrop.

To name a few: A section with Hansel and Gretel inside a gingerbread house, an area with a vintage sleigh, a “Chinese and a Movie” room for those who don’t celebrate Christmas. In 2018, we’ll pray for a Christmas miracle that D.C.’s “Christmas Bar” returns.


In the beginning of December, New Yorkers got a chance to enter the twisted world of ScyFy’s recent series Happy at the popular Skinny Bar & Lounge on the Lower East Side. (Bustling with millennials and influencers, we might add.)

The experience dubbed “Jingle Hell” allowed the city’s finest drinkers to experience the darky and gritty world of the show and offered a bah humbug twist on the holiday season with an abundance anti-holiday details.

Genius touches: pill bottles and empty beer cans as décor, games like dirty carol sing-along, and a witty cocktail menu named Holly Jolly Coping Mechanisms.

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