Event Planners: The Ultimate Problem Solver

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Event planning and problem solving go hand in hand. They have to. Why? Because once a vision is set for an event, things happen that get in the way of that vision. Simple as that. And it happens almost every time.

  • Deadlines are missed, pushing back other deadlines
  • Unforeseen things happen like weather, late deliveries, and low attendance
  • High maintenance clients or absent bosses make tasks difficult and get in the way of timelines
  • Someone steals something or a fight breaks out on-site

A stellar event professional needs to be able to think quickly and act even quicker. Here are some ways that can help you solve the biggest, and even smallest, problems.

1. Listen
Take in everything your vendor, client, boss, or colleague is saying. Ask a lot of questions so you can understand every detail before acting.

2. Consider Your Options
There are multiple ways to solve a problem. Write down your options before presenting them to the team. If you don’t have the time, talk it out with someone on the side and ask for their input.

3. Create a Plan
Make sure everyone who is involved knows their role and accepts responsibility for solving the problem together. Be clear about the steps that need to be taken to solve the problem.

4. Be Patient.
If you’re in charge, your role is to be the voice of reason. Try to remain calm and keep those around you calm as well.

5. Stay Organized.
Document your conversations. Save your receipts and emails. If you have a phone call, follow up with an email so it’s in writing. If you write an email that doesn’t require a response, ask the recipient to confirm they received the message. This will always help you when you need to reference a past conversation.

6. Follow Up.
Stay on top of people that need to respond to you. If it’s an urgent matter, give the recipient a deadline to respond, and then follow up when the deadline approaches. If you’re in charge of the event, the responsibility is on you. So don’t let anything slip through the cracks!

Remember, practice makes perfect and not all problem is the same. Treat and approach every problem differently. Best of luck to ya.

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