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Isn’t it crazy that most event profs can barely remember writing notes on paper, using marker on a white board to create a to-do list, or crossing names off a guest list.

In recent years, the event industry has propelled drastically and technology is now king. One thing that has made the lives of event planners much, much easier — APPS! It’s changing the way we operate, interact with smart devices, and plan events.

Take a look at why we think they’re great and some that we like.

Why They’re Awesome

Communicate in real time. Whether you’re pushing notifications to alert attendees of important information, or syncing multiple iPads with up-to-date ticket sales, apps helps increase efficiency with planning and on-site activity in a relentlessly fast-paced industry.

Rapid feedback. If you’re ever looking to improve upon your event strategy (who isn’t!), apps allow audiences to provide instant feedback. This beats sending out a post-event Monkey Survey any day.

A Common Thread. If you’re holding an event series in multiple locations or over a period of time, the use of an app can help tie them all together seamlessly by keeping information all in one place. (Music to our ears, right?)

Some Good Apps

Looking for the next event, trade show, or conference to attend and network with others from your industry? 10times is the world’s largest event discovery platform covering business events, trade shows, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, and more. You can also search for other professionals from your industry attending the event, schedule meetings, and connect.

Delegia Mobile
Skip the paper trail of agendas, menus, and schedules. Since you don’t have time to create them, and everyone always loses them, show all event content on the phone. This includes maps and tickets or interactive elements booking meetings, polls, and twitter feeds.

Networking at an event can be exhausting, and the last thing you need is to forget your business cards in the hotel room. Well, wave buh-bye to your business cards, and hello to Flikit. Flikit is a free virtual business card where you can enter and share your contact details digitally with the click of a button. Choose what you want to share — like phone numbers, emails, addresses, and multiple social profiles — when you want to share it. Bonus: You can share info with anyone, even if they don’t have the app.

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