Museum of Ice Cream: We’re Ready for Our Instagram Close Up!

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Ever want to ditch class or work and go to a playground? Like, the most magnificent playground in the world that’s fun for a toddler, teenager, or powerful business person. Well, it exists and it’s called the Museum of Ice Cream.

The Museum of Ice Cream is a place that provokes imagination, unites people of all ages, incites endless smiles, and brings out the kid in all of us.

It also is the most genius pop-up-museum-slash-Instagram-haven we’ve seen in quite a while.

This bubblegum-colored wonderland has traveled the country with locations in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and San Francisco, and has plans to open more locations soon.

So, free up space on your camera roll and get your self a selfie-lighting case. Because your phone’s shutter is about to get a workout.


With over 126K #museumoficecream hash-tagged posts and over 327K followers on Instagram, the museum hosts with beautiful sprawling installations splayed in rooms overtaken by millennial pink that are playful and inspired by the dessert treat.

In Miami, dance or Boomerang the day away in the FAN-tastic room, an ice cream-themed dance studio with pink ice cream cone fans. In New York, sit on a pink swing surrounded by pink whipped cream cans.

In every location, make sure you check out the most sought-after Sprinkle Pool room where you jump into a rainbow sprinkle-filled (100 million of them) pool with colorful beach balls and inner tubes. This is where most of the Instagram magic happens.


While the founders say the Museum of Ice Cream art installations weren’t driven by potential social media exposure, it’s hard to imagine anything else.

With its unexpected viral success, brands have certainly been jumping on the Instagrammable-backdrop band wagon.

More and more, brands are staging temporary exhibits or event moments that are so compelling, you just have to take a picture of it. And then, want to share it. And then, give the brand free advertising.

Since Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are the primary way millennials communicate these days, brands need to find a way to reach them in an engaging way.

So, well done Museum of Ice Cream. Whether planned or not, your digital media strategy is on point.

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