Simple Ideas to Refresh Your Events

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As event professionals, we all strive to achieve infinitely creative brains chock full of outside-the-box ideas every single time we plan an event. If that doesn’t take much effort for you, you’re a genius. But for the rest of us, it can get pretty tiring.

For some, we try an event strategy that works and stick with it. For others, we get stuck in a rut and come down with a case of event planners block – finding it almost impossible to think up something that’s never been done before.

We’re not here to tell you that you have to come up with something groundbreaking every time you plan an event. But we can provide a few new approaches or ideas that will give your event planning an upgrade or a bit of a refresh.

Sometimes, all it takes is reading an article like this to spark a completely different idea on your own. So, cheers to getting all of our creative event planner juices flowing!

Incorporate Props

Whether you’re throwing a gala dinner or a kid’s birthday, there are always unique ways to incorporate props. This can be in the shape of a photo back drop, table setting, centerpiece, or interactive area. Spell words with inflatable balloons, allow guests to create their own .gif to share on social networks, or bring in a subtly interactive wait staff.

All About Community

If you’re planning a community event, you want to make sure people of all ages are entertained – a kid’s event is never fun for an adult if the adult can’t have fun too!

Add something participatory like a graffiti wall or a craft station. That way, kids and parents alike can join in on the fun together.

While the kids are playing in the streets, bring in a local bar to serve the adults bespoke drinks from a food truck.

When the lights go down, everyone can participate in a family-friendly silent disco event powered by Party Headphones.

Let Loose On the Company

Work events don’t have to be awkward and boring. Spice up any corporate event with a theme or competition.

Bringing life to your event will increase productivity and motivate attendees to retain information easily.

For a team-building activity, hold a cocktail workshop and bring in a mixologist to guide teams in creating cocktails that reflect a brand campaign or certain brand criteria. Or separate teams by birth order and watch the magic unfold – younger siblings approach things way differently than the first born.

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