What’s a Meeting Without Innovation?

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To be a meeting master, you need to be inventive, create something inspiring, and redefine meeting norms. (You know – the meeting norm of snoozing during that post-lunch presentation.)

Meetings, conferences, and trade shows have started creating new formats to engage audiences in a customized experience – basically producing memorable events unlike any other meeting, conference, or trade show…ever.

If the goal is to retain loyal attendees, increase attendance, or downright disrupt the meeting landscape, you need to plan an innovative meeting.

And, an innovation meeting needs all the pizazz you think it does – app and software integration, digitally enhanced features, over-the-top presentations, famed keynote speakers. All done in a way that no one else does it.

Now, that sounds like a challenge. Here are a few brands who have done it right.

Airbnb Open

For the AirBnb Open 2017, AirBnb ditched the mundane, hotel-ballroom halls and opted for space in 17 different downtown Los Angeles venues spanning four city blocks.

Since AirBnb is all about community, the brand incorporated local coffee shops and restaurants as break-out session venues, and invited the local community to attend the closing night event.

This wasn’t just any event – we’re talking a 20,000-person AirBnb celebration with a LaLaLand screening and Maroon 5 concert.

The Nantucket Project

The Nantucket Project is an annual ideas festival that brings live events and meaningful storytelling to audiences who want to know the world’s most thought-provoking ideas of today.

Essentially, it’s a think tank set on the Massachusetts island surrounded by natural beauty and free from distraction. Of course, if you don’t consider past speakers like British Prime Minister Tony Blair and actress Cynthia Nixon distractions.

Innovative elements include no break-out sessions, no greenrooms, and hour-long breaks. In other words, everyone experiences the same thing at the same time, famous speakers mingle with attendees, and breaks are managed so that you want to come back to the presentation! Pretty cool.


BlogHer conferences empower women to turn their passions into content and commerce with topics that cover fashion, health, parenting, and more.

Instead of the randomly-placed yoga session offered at most conferences, BlogHer decided to start every morning with a 15-minute meditation. This gave the influencers and bloggers a chance to set an intention for the day and realize why they were there.

The morning ritual was so popular that a standalone BlogHerHealth conference was conceived from it. Goes to show the experimentation of a new meeting element is totally worth it!

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