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Facebook has been our friend since 2004. We’ve used it to broadcast our thoughts, opinions, pictures. We’ve shared memories and connected with old friends. We’ve used it for personal reasons and professional ones too.

Instead of talking about the fuzzy feelings we have about our eight grade crush we recently connected with, let’s talk about how event professionals can benefit from utilizing the social media platform to secure more attendees, gain more exposure, and engage attendees on an emotional level.

Check out some Facebook features that’ll help event professionals in planning well-attended events.

Facebook Ads

Advertising is how Facebook generates billions of dollars. So it’s safe to say, Facebook ads probably work – if done the right way.

We won’t go into the nitty gritty on how to do it. (Because it’s pretty detailed and there are endless options. Let’s save that for another post.) But we will say that you can easily promote your Event Page, posts on your Page, or the event and website itself via Facebook Ads.

Go Live

Looking to gain awareness or reach eyes and ears beyond those at your event? Broadcast your event on Facebook Live. Viewers can watch what they’re missing on your Facebook or Event page. You not only reach people who aren’t in attendance, but you also grab the attention of someone who might attend your next event.

Collaborative Stories

This is the perfect for any event attendee who loooooves to share what they do. Subscribers of your event can post short videos and photos to a collaborative storyline shown at the top of the Events page, so everyone’s posts get shared on the Events page for all to see. This is another way to grab the eyes of the attendees who clicked “maybe” and didn’t show up.

Keep Your Site Clean

It’s not always about what is posted on Facebook that gets you bumped to the top of someone’s feed. (Although great copy and a creative “money shot” are super important.) The backend matters too. If you’re linking your site to a Facebook post, Facebook gives precedence to faster loading pages. So don’t fill your site with crazy .gifs and outrageously hi-res imagery. Keep it clean. The faster it loads, the higher your placement in someone’s feed.

If you’re an event prof and utilizing Facebook, do some research. We only touched on a few ways you can optimize the views and engagement of your Facebook event page. There are so many more — and they are guaranteed to help create a better Facebook experience and well-attended event.

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