Summer-Themed Event Ideas

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Well-known fact: When the weather warms, therein lies an upswing in parties and events. The desire to hibernate fades, and people are more than willing to clear their schedules for dancing, socializing, and mingling — lots of it. Sometimes it’s under the stars, sometimes it’s in a bar. It really doesn’t matter.

Summer = Party time

Some say there’s really no need for a reason to throw a party in the summer. (And that’s a statement we’re willing to get behind.)

What better way to celebrate an occasion or milestone, launch a product, or hold a fundraiser than with a summer-themed event. Hey, using summer as inspiration for an event gives us, and just about anyone, all the party feels. It’s just more fun that way.

Here are a few, fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing when you plan your next summery event.

A Favorite Fruit

Summer fruits are sweet, tasty, vibrant, and downright pretty when used as a party theme. You’ve got your choice of pineapples, watermelons, lemons, and even bananas. Use pineapples as vases, create bold centerpieces, and use fruit-themed balloons. Or, go all out and use the whole fruit salad as inspiration for décor, invites, logos, whatever.

Florals, That’s All You Need

If you’re going for a sophisticated vibe, a garden party is the perfect forum to get fancy. And since florals are chic right now, go buck wild. You could use flowers the traditional way — in vases — or go unexpected with a floral backdrop hanging in bud vases (great for Instagram!) or add edible flowers as garnishes atop the entrée. Add some backyard lights, throw on a flower dress or tie, and your garden party is ready. Tip: When a silent disco breaks out in the middle of your garden party, it’ll be a party that’s remembered from here to eternity.

Bring on the Color

Of course, the summer themes are endless but we’re really digging what’s popular right now — you know whatever is in those colorful pics that all summer Instagram posts are made of. Unicorns, rainbows, donut hole inner tubes, anything rosé related. Coincidentally, all of these schemes and props are colorful, so when combined or used alone, they’re are the perfect match for a summer party. Whether it’s a BBQ, pool party, backyard or patio gathering, whatever!

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